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                 UBAWA'S Services

UBAWA now offers a wide range of services for new and pre-

existing authors. See below to view a list of our services.

If you are a PREMIUM MEMBER, then the following services will be offered to you FREE OF CHARGE. Just email ubawa2011@gmail.com indicating your interest.

Author Bookstore Slots

UBAWA now offers author slots for authors to feature their book(s) in UBAWA's. Slots are limited so purchase yours today!! To purchase a slot, click on the payment button below:

Time Slot

 Author Feature Slots

UBAWA  is now accepting requests to be featured on the site!! If you would like to have a spot, just send an email request to theofficialauthorscorner@gmail.com. Author slots may include one author photo, a description of your book(s), a written interview, a radio interview, and video book trailer, a Book Excerpt, & Author Contact Info. Take a look into our packages:

The Diamond Package™ ($35 Value)

           *Includes: Author Photo, A Description of Your Books, A Written Interview, a Radio Interview, Book Excerpt, & Author Contact Info

The Bestseller Package™ ($50 Value)

           *Includes:  Author Photo, A Description of Your Books, A Written Interview, a Radio Interview, a Video Book Trailer, Book Excerpt, & Author Contact Info

**Note: ALL AUTHOR SLOTS ARE PERMANENT. TO BE FEATURED AS AN AUTHOR ON THE SITE, YOU MUST SUBMIT A ONE-TIME FEE OF $35 (for The Diamond Package) or $50 (for the Bestseller Package)

To purchase a package, email ubawa2011@gmail.com.

Best-Seller Book Club


Best-seller Marketing Program

Take the Marketing Meter Survey and get feedback on how to become a best-selling author!


Are you an established author who has a goal of selling thousands and thousands of books but have found yourself selling only 100s or less? You may want to consider UBAWA'S Best-Seller Marketing Program. The program includes the following:

1. A copy of BEST-SELLER: A Guide to Becoming a Best-selling Author

2. 5-hour instruction (1 week online workshop)

3. A permanent feature on UBAWA's website & magazine

4. Promotion through UBAWA on Facebook & Twitter

5. 24-hour help service & assistance




 Book Cover Designs


 Book Reviews (FREE)

To receive a free book review by UBAWA , please submit an email to theofficialauthorscorner@gmail.com with the following:

1. Your name 

2.  Your email

3. Author Photo

4. Book Cover Photo

5. Title of your book

6. An excerpt from your book.

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 Coaching & Consultation

Our coaching sessions are second to none. We meet you where your questions begin and offer coaching on a variety of issues that we know are common problems met by the would-be bestselling author.  Our coach sessions are designed to guide the author from the first step of writing their book to the very last of making it a bestseller. Because we understand how important the success of your book(s) mean to you, we have established a way for our clients to have access to fast and convenient coaching available through our Coach Me Chat Module.

Coach Sessions are offered Monday – Saturday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. To request a timeslot for a coach session, just email theofficialauthorscorner@gmail.com .


To have your work critiqued by UBAWA  please submit an excerpt to theofficialauthorscorner@gmail.com with the subject heading: CRITIQUE

FREE Press Releases


Publish Me E-Book Program ($15 value)

Publish Me E-book Program teaches you the steps to getting your book published and sold as an e-book in 5 easy steps! To purchase this service, see the button below:


 Radio Interview

Coach Me (UBAWA 's sister company) offers their Diamond & Bestseller customers a chance to be the guest on the Authors Corner Radio Talk Show. Being a guest on the show helps bring more attention to the author’s book and allows the author to share with readers and listeners who they are and what their upcoming book is going to be about. Following the show, a copy of the author’s appearance on the show will be featured on the Authors Corner website along with several other social networking sites, including Facebook  & Twitter. This service is second to none and offers a great way to get the author and their book noticed. Aside from being a guest on the show, the author will be given access to a listing of other shows to which they may become guest. When you’re an up and coming author, there really is no such thing as too much publicity!!  

To purchase this service, email ubawa2011@gmail.com.

 Video Book Trailer & Commercials*

Allow The Authors Corner's sister company, Coach Me to design a video book trailer for you!

Before submitting the order form for your video book trailer, check out the following 5 reasons why it’s good to have a book trailer.

#5.  A book trailer is a quick and convenient way to showcase what your book is about in just a small amount of time. It allows you to say to your potential readers the key points of your book and paints a picture of what they can expect to get when they purchase your book.

#4. A book trailer is like a rule-of-thumb for the would-to-be bestselling author. Like a movie trailer is to the movie producer, the book trailer is to the author. It’s just a part of staying on top of the game.

#3. It increases publicity for your book(s), allowing readers all across the world to have access to your video and learn about your soon-to-be released book.

#2.  You can’t get by without one. Once you see a sample book trailer, you wouldn’t want to pass up on one.  To view our sample book trailers, just click here.

#1. It’s like your business card, except that you don’t have to pay more money to have more copies distributed. With one link and one click, readers from all across the world will know about you and the books you are about to release. Why spend hundreds of dollars on business cards and postcards when you can send one out electronically in just a few easy steps? It’s really the way of the 21st century!!

** All author videos will be featured on The Authors Corner

Click here to order 3-minute video (Platinum customers)

Click here to order 6-minute video (Diamond & Bestseller customers)

To Purchase Video/Book Trailer, email ubawa2011@gmail.com.

 Written Interview

Coach Me understands how important it is to get noticed and that’s why we offer several ways to help the author and their book get out there. The author interview consists of a list of questions geared towards accessing pivotal points about the author, their book, and their reasons and motivations for writing.

** All of our author interviews are featured on The Author's Corner. 

To purchase this service, see payment button below:




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