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 UBAWA Local Bookstore


The UBAWA Local Bookstore is situated in the bustling city of Atlanta, Georgia with a grand opening day set for the Winter of 2013.

The goal of UBAWA is to encourage readership amongst people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds through the promotion of a diverse array of authors who represent all genres in the literary community. While our specialty is urban literature, we proudly accept ALL genres. To have your title sold in our bookstore, please take a few minutes to read our acceptance criteria.




1.     ISBN – ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number that serves two purposes:

(a)  It helps us track sales and inventory

(b)  It allows you (the author) the ability to have your book(s) sold in our bookstore.

If you still need an ISBN, you can purchase one by visiting www.ISBN.org

2.     BAR CODE – To sell your book(s) in UBAWA’s Bookstore, you will need a bar code. Your bar code can be furnished through Bookland EAN Bar Code or Bowker* if you do not have one already.

3.     2-3 Paragraph Essay of why you think your book should be placed on our shelves. Please address the following in your essay:

a.     What makes your book unique and stand out?

b.     Your suggested retail price for your book

c.      Recent reviews/articles on your book

d.     How does your book meet the competition of other books in your genre?

4.     Bowker Books in Print – Have you submitted your book to Bowker? If not, Do it now by visiting www.bowerlink.com



If you have read and understand all of the above criteria, you can proceed to the Bookstore Placement Application by clicking HERE.


If you have read the above but still have further questions, please email ubawa2011@gmail.com  BEFORE filling out the bookstore placement application and your concerns will be addressed accordingly.



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