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What is the American Dream?

"The American Dream is the desire to attain those things which ideally represent success, happiness, and satisfaction. These things are linked to material possessions and are in a sense, appreciated because of their monetary value. Such things include owning a house, purchasing a car, owning a boat or two, having a large bank account, and the list goes on. Such things are appreciated not because of their intrinsic or functional worth, but because they provide a sense of being – based on the pecuniary, dollar amount. So we refer to a person who owns a million dollar house as being significantly more important than a person who owns a $50,000 home. Although both homes serve the purpose of providing shelter and a place to live, somehow one’s association with the more expensive, million dollar home, subsequently increases his/her personal self-worth. The mistake evident in this analogy is that we cannot conceivably and with good conscious assign a dollar amount to a person – an individual. The moment we do, we limit his/her potential for becoming successful, happy, or satisfied. We create a false truth that will inevitably set anyone up for failure – anyone who fails to possess those things that hold high monetary values."  - Author D Leach

"2 live stress free witout any worries of wey ya nxt 1.00 gon com frm!" - Derrick Nduetime Rozier


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" makes me want to read after the first chapter,   the cover grabs me  and the synopsis on the back cover isnt them hyping it up..foolish style." - Lisa P



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