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“The Available Wife” by Carla Pennington


Niquole Wright seems to have it all; a loyal and devoted husband, two children and a rising record label that she dedicates more time to than her family. Everything is perfect except for one thing...her husband Germaine. She has run her course with him and he needs to be replaced. When the handsome and seductive Kingston enters her life, he becomes the perfect substitute. Clueless to his wife's plan, Germaine continues to be a loving naive husband while Niquole's full blown affair quickly becomes her obsession. Desperate to start a new life with her new man, Niquole does everything in her power to push Germaine out of the picture. However, little does she know Kingston plans are different from hers. Sit back and see what happens when a wife learns that the price of betrayal can have a shattering toll.



This Game Has No Loyalty

Junior is on the come up running his drug operation out of Baptiste Projects until one of the most feared criminals in the hood gets wind. With things changing around him left and right it doesn't take long before he gets a taste of disloyalty. With things stacked against him Junior flees Baptiste to regroup turning over the reigns temporarily to a trusted soldier. During his time in hiding Junior plots revenge but needs the help of a girlfriend. He's asking her to be disloyal the one thing that caused his own troubles. Not wanting to give up the idea that love will prevail he sits and waits. It isn't long before another attempt to crumple his operation is made.
Come take this journey with Junior as he gets tested and has to rely on others. Will blood prove thicker than water for him? Will Junior have the arsenal to stop all takeover attempts or does he fall victim to the evils the game is offering?

In the hustle game, loyalty is something that shouldn't be taken for granted.
In the game of love, loyalty is something many take for granted.
In the game of life, loyalty is something that is earned.
Whatever game you are playing…in the end you will understand the saying, "This Game Has No Loyalty."




This Game Has NO Loyalty II…Hustle For Life A novel by June

In Part one Junior learned the hustling game was something he couldn’t take for granted; now in Part two he finds himself trying to recover from the destroyed friendships, partnerships and relationships.


He’s faced with a possible life term in prison if he’s convicted for the unsolved murders in Baptiste and while he is trying to stay free from the penal system his relationship with his girlfriend Shondra is in total chaos because of the lies about his continuous involvement with his mistress Muffin. His once flourishing drug business has dwindled down to nothing and he loses the money, power, and respect he once reveled in.


Drowning in all the chaos surrounding his life, Junior turns to the only person left standing in his corner, Muffin. He is determined to put himself back in the driver’s seat of his life and he and Muffin set out on a mission to reclaim all that was once his. This seems easier said than done when he gets the shock of his life that comes from his past.


In the game of life…life is Complex.

In the hustling game…hustling is Power.

In the game of love…Love Is...



This Game Has NO Loyalty III…Love is Pain A novel by June


In Part One Junior learned about disloyalty the hard way, in Part Two he tries to recover from a broken relationship and destroyed friendships. He tries to regain control of his life and sets out to get back all what he had lost and in the wake of it all he is shocked to find out someone from his past is seeking bloody revenge. In the end, Junior and Muffin barely escape with their lives from the attempted. 


With a possible murder conviction over his head and the threat of being murdered by La, Junior has to make some quick decisions that will ensure his continued existence on the streets. He is still faced with his broken relationship with Shondra and is having a hard time dealing with her betrayal with Chico. Junior thinks long and hard on a fool proof plan that will build his capital back up to where it once was and how to get rid of La once and for all. Junior sets out to a small town in North Carolina and plots the murder of La in hopes of being rid of him and anymore disloyalty, finally. 


Once his plan has been carried out, will Junior finally be able to put the past behind him and move forward with his life or does his past continue to haunt him? BOOM!


In the game of life…life is Complicated.

In the hustling game…hustling is Life.

In the game of love…Love is Pain.


To Whom Much Is Given by Maurice Gray

Two people coming to terms with their spiritual gifts.

A born player wondering if there’s more to life than womanizing.

One woman on a mission of vengeance.

God loves them all.


Home Again by Wanda B. Campbell & Friends

“Home Again is a compelling journey into the relationships that matter most: family, friends and self. Each story is founded on natural love, but will require the Father’s love to heal the brokenness.

Travel with husbands and wives, brothers, sisters, friends and families as they maneuver through life’s hurts and betrayals while leaning on a power greater than themselves.”

Contributors include Linda Beed, Bernard Boulton, Wanda B. Campbell, Tavares Carney, Shenette Jones, Tyora Moody, Dijorn Moss, Trinea Moss and Maurice M. Gray, Jr.


A Lover's Deceit

Three years have passed since we last checked in with Ramona Shaw and Cheyenne Morris, and it seems the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Drama is dished up thick and heavy in the lives of the best friends and the people around them.
Ramona and her live-in girlfriend, Leslie, experience a three-year itch and their relationship is called to task as Ramona realizes her life might be far too complicated to be stuck in a relationship box.  She begins to pursue other romantic endeavors that surprise everyone but Cheyenne and an event takes place that will change her life forever. 
The Lewis’s, Cheyenne and Keith, are blissfully in love!  Their daughter is growing up healthy and happy and business couldn’t be better for this power couple, but past heartaches surface to test their trust and commitment.  Will their marriage survive?
Darius and his fiancée, Amber Schneider, are expecting their first child and riding the blissful waves of love and joy as their family is on verge of formation…but will this rebound relationship last?  Darius begins to doubt his desire to marry Amber, but will Amber be easily disengaged from the man who’s child she is about to give birth to?
Tawny Coleman is on a mission and once complete, a lot of powerful people’s careers will be over and a wealthy career of her own will be launched.  She’s been spending a lot of time with superstar rapper, Duane “DJ N-Sane” Jackson, but he no longer is the focus of her attention.  She taking notes and taking names for what will become the biggest blockbuster tell-all book of the century.

Where Friendship Lies

Ramona Shaw moves to Chicago to aide her husband, Darius, in realizing his dream of opening a medical center with his best friend, Keith Lewis.  In a new place and in a new house, she doesn’t have any friends and she grows bored when Darius’ workload begins to monopolize a lot of his time.  Eager for something to keep busy, she dedicates herself to fixing up their home.  Enter Cheyenne Morris, a beautiful and wildly successful interior decorator.

Cheyenne’s down-to-earth and friendly nature makes it easy for them to become fast friends.  Cheyenne is battling with the troubling times in her relationship with her fiancé, Chad, while Ramona battles with the loneliness in her marriage.

Ramona and Cheyenne eventually come to share a friendship and a secret so deep, it completely changes their priorities.  It’s a secret that can never be allowed to come to light.  If it does, love, marriage and their once predictable lives could be forever changed.  Find out what happens when everything done in the dark threatens to come from behind closed doors…and if anything can ever go back to “normal”.

The Best Revenge

This, the third and final installment in the Where Friendship Lies series, takes a mystifying turn as Tawny Coleman embarks on the beginning of her new and exciting career as a bestselling author! The day she's been waiting for has finally come to pass as her scintillating tell-all book, The Best Revenge, is about to hit the shelves! The Best Revenge is Tawny's way of evening the scales of social injustice on behalf of the women and girls who she feels have far too long been victimized by the male powers-that-be in the entertainment industry. Tawny's targets are all very wealthy and mega-successful men: big name rappers, platinum recording artists, well-known actors, prominent politicians, high-powered businessmen and superstar sports figures. Those named become highly angered when they find the torrid details of all the scandalous things they've been doing revealed between its pages. Their hidden sins are secrets so powerful and haunting, they are certain to send all of their hard-earned careers spiraling down the drain. No wonder they would do anything to keep the well-kept skeletons in the closet. The night of Tawny's big debut ends in tragedy and everyone whose name was mentioned becomes a suspect with clear motive and ample opportunity. It will take an insider to follow the trails left behind as the secrets are unraveled. Robyn Peterson, in town to visit her cousin, Ramona Shaw, who is about to give birth at any minute, becomes involved in solving the mystery after she spots Cheyenne Lewis's autographed copy of The Best Revenge. Robyn relies on her naturally inquisitive nature to begin to investigate the seedy lifestyles of the rich and famous in order to bring the person or persons responsible to justice.

The Soul Of A Man


The Soul Of A Man: A Triumph Of My Soul Anthology Edited by Elissa Gabrielle

What lies in the soul of a man? Love, laughter, heartache and sorrow? Pride, fear, rage and

contentment? The true measure of a man lies in his heart and in his soul. This collection of enlightening stories personifies the sentiment, faith, resilience and love embodied in the

creation God made in His own image. The Soul of a Man is a Divine truth and an affirmation of the passion running through the minds of men where hearts and souls are bared.

Winner of the 2009 African-American Literary Award for Best Anthology. Contributors include Thomas Ashburn, K.L. Belvin, William Fredrick Cooper, Eddrick Dejuan, Tyrell Floyd, Brian Ganges, Jarold Imes, Jihad, Marc Lacy, Clarence “Baba Simba” Mollock, Alvin Romer, Joe Thomas, Joey Pinkney and Maurice M.Gray, Jr.



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