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Thanks for your interest in being a part of UBAWA Magazine & Newsletter. We are in dire need of several writers and columnists for our monthly newsletter and e-magazine. The positions at the moment are unpaid, but weigh a good possibility in becoming paid positions. If you are interested in becoming a writer for UBAWA, please take a few moments and fill out the following application: (Click Here for Application) 


UBAWA Positions:

  1. Writer - is responsible for making regular writing submissions to the Author's Corner on various given topic ideas ranging from politics and science to business and relationships. The writer is expected to make an entry at least once per week. *Also performs critiques and reviews on selected excerpts from other authors.
  2. Columnist – The columnist is much like the writer but writes on regular and consistent articles and topics as often as once or twice per week. *Also performs critiques and reviews on selected excerpts from other authors.
  3. Editor – The editor proofreads all writing and journal entries then sends them to the publisher for the final publication.*Also performs critiques and reviews on selected excerpts from other authors.
  4. Journalist – The journalist collects and composes information on current events, people, trends, and various issues.  *Also performs critiques and reviews on selected excerpts from other authors.


What’s in it for you?

  1. Experience. Getting the experience as a professional writer, columnist, editor, or journalist can set the stage for a very lucrative career down the road. Most companies that pay well don’t hire without experience, so you’d definitely want to get that under your belt.
  2. Money. If your experience and talents meet our expectations on a consistent basis you have the possibility of being hired for a part-time or full-time position.
  3. Recommendation. If you’d like to get a good, solid recommendation from us to work for another company, we’ve got you covered! (period)
  4. Personal Enjoyment. You may want to take on this task just for fun and personal enjoyment. Most natural born writers who live, eat, and sleep writing really don’t need compensation for what they do. It’s their gift!

 Ready to become a part of a great team?

Click here to begin application.

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