"Dedicated to promoting literacy and the advancement of writers and authors from under-represented groups"

 Meet Chimia Hill-Burton

Chimia Y. Hill-Burton was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee in December of 1981. She was raised in Giessen, Germany. Chimia is the proud daughter of Arline Agwai and Eric Hill. She is the eldest child of four children, her brothers Henry, Lemuel and sister Hadijah. Chimia Y. Hill-Burton has been writing since she was twelve years old. Chimia wrote many short stories, poems and figurative writings. Chimia continued to master her talent from her high school to adult years. Chimia's inspiration to write as a first person author was Edgar Allen Poe. She loved the complicated characters, the inner dramas and the art of writing in first person. Chimia’s love for writing flourishes till this day. She continues to writes short stories that are exciting, dramatic and believable. Chimia graduated from John McEachern in June of 2000.

Chimia then attended Chattahoochee Technical College where she majored in Criminal Justice. After graduating in 2004, Chimia attended Mercer University receiving her bachelor’s in Social Science in 2008. Chimia would later use all she had learned to write her manuscript for Beautiful & Hero in 2008. Chimia’s first published book, Beautiful & Hero will be release in late August 2011. Chimia currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Michael Lindley

Author Chimia Y. Hill-Burton can be reached at Chimia.hillburton@gmail.com , www.facebook.com/authorchimia.hillburton, and fan page www.facebook.com/chimiahillburton.fanpage

"The thoughts of an author is to create, inspire, and introduce society to a world of imagination"

 Meet Alicia Smith

Alicia Smith began her literary career at the age of 13. It was in middle school that her talent was noticed by her Language Arts teacher who then gave her a copy of her very first novel entitled Changes by Danielle Steele. From there Alicia began performing in many school activities that involved writing or speaking. It wasn't until she had entered her adult life that she began taking her talent more seriously. When she became a part of corporate America, several of her coworkers became aware of her gift for the spoken and written word. Many had begun to make requests for her work and offered her compensation for her one of a kind pieces. Shortly after that a few of Alicia's pieces were published on the online poetry site Timbooktu. In 1999 her work was selected to become a part of the National Library of Poetry's Anthology. Currently she has published one novel entitled I Needed You To Cry With Me with her second entitled An Unbroken Circle to debut in the late summer of 2011 and her sequel to her first novel entitled No More Tears to follow in the early fall.

Mrs.Smith resides in Murfreesboro Tennessee with her husband of 17 years and their 3 children.

You can purchase her books on Amazon & Barnes & Noble.


Meet Luna Charles:  

 Luna Charles was born in Petion-ville, Haiti, but has lived in sunny South Florida for the last 21 years. As the oldest of five children from a single mother, she learned responsibility prematurely.
At an early age, Luna found solace in words. They were the only constancy in her ever changing life. Their ability to raise her spirit above where she physically inhabited was an enriching experience.

By the age of 14, she had won her first prize, a day with the commissioner of District 9, Betty Ferguson, due to her wonderfully imaginative short stories. At the age of 19, Luna was awarded the ‘Excellence in Literary Arts” award from her Academy.

Men Are Not the Problem is Luna’s first novel, which was released October 2010. She is currently working on a journal due to release this summer and a second novel due out next year. Luna is an avid reader and an accomplished cook. When not cooking or researching for her next novel, Luna loves spending time with her two daughters and husband.

Visit her website: http://menarenottheproblem.com/

Meet Dr Cynthia B Brown:  

 Dr. Cynthia B. Brown is a Jam-American (Jamaican American), the youngest of eight children born to Charles and Josepheme. She migrated to the United States in 2000, and has since completed several college degrees (a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, an MBA in Technology Management, and a Ph.D. in Human Services) and is currently an Adjunct Professor. Dr. Brown also serves as the President for American Education and Healthcare Consultants; in this role, she manages and directs a team of Educational Consultants. Her company volunteered at the DeKalb County Public School System in Georgia, assisting High School juniors and seniors in preparing for college. To top it off, Dr. Brown is currently pursuing a degree in nursing to give back to the community.

Dr. Brown's childhood was one with many obstacles and the pages of this book "Life! As It Happens! My Dairy...…" incorporates her "Life" experiences and questions with that of some of her closest friends and relatives; all of whom inspired this book. Due to her experiences and life lessons, many people can relate to the pages of this book. …Enjoy!

Visit her website: http://www.lifeasithappensmydiary.com/ 

Meet Ericka Blanding

Ericka Blanding was born on August 15, 1970 to Bernadette McBrdye & Bobby Blanding. She is a single mother to two beautiful girls Da'zour (18) & Dynasty (7). Being a child of a drug addict mother and a missing father, life was hard and long for Ericka. She was in and out of foster care only to end up with her two youngest sister maternal Grandmother Dreamer Poindexter.

As she went through life trying to fit in with her foster families, Ericka was lost never knowing if what she was doing was good enough.

At the age of 15, she decided she had had enough and ran away to her family in Harlem where they loved her and nurtured her into her own. Being with her real family changed her life, bringing joy to her writing again. And from there she blossomed into herself, becoming a writer and soon to be author. Now with GOD and her two daughters by her side there is NOTHING stopping this woman. Her soon to be released books are entitled: A Single Mother's Hu$tle & CHYNA WHITE!!

Be on the look out for this author.. She’s coming!


  Meet Fiordaliza

 Fiordaliza Charles has always been a writer. She noticed her love for poetry at the age of 8 when she wrote her very first poem entitled “I can't speak your language.” She wrote it because her classmates often teased her about her inability to speak English properly since Spanish was her native language. She continued to write everything that she felt.

Fiordaliza became an author November of 2009 when she put together three poetry books with 50 original poems that she had written since the age of 12. She became a self-published author October of 2010.  Thus far, she has accomplished publishing six poetry books and a novel entitled "Can I Tell You a Secret?”.

Fiordaliza is currently working on a series of poetry books entitled “The Poetic Lounge” which she authors with Charron Monaye, to help promote 20 of the best and upcoming poets worldwide. She is also the CEO of The Poetic Lounge (T.P.L project at http://thepoeticlounge.yolasite.com/) where she helps to promotes the T.P.L.  poets, positive work and websites. She also enjoys giving advice to parents in her column entitled "Speaking of The Family” at http://authorsinfo.com where she also shares her poetry group “Poetic Hearts” and her fan page.

For more information about Fiordaliza, please visit her at:



Email: daliza_bcc@yahoo.com 

Meet K. Kelle: 

 K. Kellee is a freelance writer, author, and poet.  Her published books can be found on the websites http://www.delectablegoodies.com/, http://www.ansheniu.com/, http://www.xlibris.com/, http://www.barnesandnoble.com/, http://www.amazon.com/, http://www.ebay.com/, and http://www.smashwords.com/.  Her latest project is a fantasy fiction series loosely based on Caribbean and African folklore, book one is entitled, Ansheniu Rise.

K. Kellee was born on the sunny island of Trinidad back in 1979. She came to the U.S. 9 years later with her family and settled in Silver Spring, MD. Being a jack of many trades, her talents mainly lie in the creative spectrum.

Around the age of 2, a pen and paper could always be found in her hand.  Many of her written works of poetry and short stories have been published. From an inspiration that took many turns, Ansheniu Rise is her debut fantasy fiction novel that is part 1 of a series still yet to come. K. Kellee currently resides in Atlanta, GA and is presently working on the sequel in the Ansheniu Series.

Vist her website: http://delectablegoodies.com/blog/


  Meet Charron:

At age 11, Charron made her first poetic debut at the United Negro College Fund's Awards Banquet; where she performed her award-winning poem ALONE. A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Charron never dreamed of being an acclaimed writer, but when she connected with 912 James Street Production, from Douglasville, Georgia In the winter of 2009, her words were heard. Under this independent label, she wrote soulful ballads such as Better with Me, Lonely Days and Just Friends. In 2010, she connected with ML the Truth of 100 Drums Productions, LLC and wrote some of her favorite ballads, "I Apologize" and "Commitment", which appear on his latest CD entitled, "The Truth". With a new career as a lyricist, Charron still felt her words still fell deaf to many, so she decided to take another avenue to get the results she wanted. In October of 2010, she networked with Londa B. of Purposeful Publishing and Media Services and decided to publish her thoughts, feelings, and emotions in her 1st proclaimed book of poetry entitled, "My Side of the Story". Charron discusses her experiences and emotions regarding relationships, love, heartbreak, parenthood, family, African - American heritage, and overcoming life's trials. This book is not just her testimony, but it is her own advice manual for all.

Charron's colorful background also includes being a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Order of Eastern Star, Ruth Chapter #66 PHA, The Recording Academy (Grammys), and BMI, Inc. Her educational background includes a BA in Political Science from West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Paralegal Certificate From W.O.L.I, and a Masters in Public Administration from DeVry University.

Her book is available at http://www.amazon.com/My-Side-Story-Charron-Monaye/dp/0983173907/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1309534737&sr=8-1

Her musicial placement "The Truth" is available at http://www.amazon.com/Truth-ML/dp/B004I43M1S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1309534797&sr=1-1

Visit her website: http://www.charronmonaye.com/


Meet John Cratic 

Born and raised in Augusta, GA, JC played collegiate football at Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville, NC. After many years of Professional Indoor Football, divorced with 2 kids, JC decided to put his storytelling abilities to work, which included writing several scripts that were made into short films. Kwan Foya’s novel Street Dreams was a major influence in JC’s writing. Blown away by one of his scripts, Author La’Jill Hunt convinced him to write his first book.

JC’s experience growing up on Ninth Street in Augusta was an unforgettable one. His great-grandparents raised him from birth, and gave him the best life they could.  Ninth Street and the surrounding hoods were crawling with drugs, gangs and prostitution. Once in a neighborhood war himself, he found his way out of that life through football and writing.

JC signed with My Time Publications and released his first debut novel, Beast.  After venturing out to try genres other than Street Lit, JC met Stacey L. Moor and wrote three skits, which appeared in EROS 369 Vol. II, published by Chaklet Coffee Books.  Shortly after that connection, he signed with Chaklet Coffee Books and transferred Beast under that company where it took on a transformation to put it on the level.  It quickly became one of the hottest selling books in the south.

Visit his website: http://www.jctheauthor.com/

  Meet Kenn Bivins


Kenn Bivins, the author of Pious, worked as a layout artist and painter before evolving into a freelance illustrator who worked in many mediums that included comic books, magazines, and animation.

Eventually his reach evolved into interactive media, developing websites and online animation.

Presently, Kenn works at an advertising agency as an Art Director, overseeing design and execution of websites and applications. Even though his background is layered in the arts, Kenn has always been a writer.

He states, “Even if I’m simply illustrating a cat, there is a story in my head about that cat – how he moves, why his tail is so bushy, whether he sleeps on a windowsill or under a bed, and so on. Words aren’t the only means to tell a story. I like to think of myself as a modern day griot. A griot is a member of a certain social distinction in western Africa whose primary function is to keep an oral history of the tribe or the village. This person would use song, dance, poems, or whatever to do so. Parallel to that, I use pictures, words, code, or whatever tools necessary to articulate my own narrative.”

Kenn currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his two sons. You can follow his random bits almost daily at his blog
(http://random.kennbivins.com/). His second novel will be released in November.

Visit his website: http://piousbook.com/


 Meet Alretha Thomas

An author, playwright, producer and director, Alretha Thomas is making her name through her pen. Award winning plays and wanting to help her community, Alretha’s background is as diverse as her personality. She started at the age of ten, when her 5th grade teacher picked and read her short story assignment in front of the class – that simple, loving act empowered a new writer. Continuing in high school, her numerous original oratorical conquests on the Speech Team led her to a journalism concentration at the University of Southern California. Upon graduating, Alretha soon realized that her interest in journalism was not heartfelt. While at the taping of a live sitcom, the producer noticed her and encouraged her hand at modeling. Modeling didn’t mean much to her, but it did lead her to acting and a NAACP Theatre Award Nomination (1993) for BEST ACTRESS. She feels that this acting stint gave her more fuel to write, and particularly, a better understanding of character development.

Alretha left acting and began to write full time. Her church gave her an outlet to fulfill her writing desires through their Liturgical Fine Arts Department wherein Alretha penned twelve theatre pieces - the community response was overwhelming. This led to full length plays outside of the church including Alretha’s play, Sacrificing Simone (2007) which had a successful run at Stage 52 in Los Angeles and was called “an inspirational crowd pleaser” by the Los Angeles Times and her most recent work, the ground breaking One, Woman Two Lives, starring Kellita Smith (The Bernie Mac Show), directed by Denise Dowse, which garnered rave reviews from critics and audiences. In between plays, Alretha’s first novel Daughter Denied was launched in 2008.

Purchase her book at: http://www.dancingherdreamsaway.com/


  Meet Author Terri D

Terri D is a long-term transplant resident of Harrisburg, PA.  She is a single mother of three who has written poetry and short stories all of her life.  Her children have always been her inspiration to push to get to the next level.  She writes as a way to express herself and to document her inner most feelings.  Terri D published her debut novel titled Yesterday’s Lies earlier this year. 


Meet Yolanda King Stephen 


About the Author of the Upside of the Down Low, a Pastor's Wife's Memoir:

Yoland...a King Stephen is a Georgia native and former flight attendant. In addition to writing and speaking to youth and women’s groups, sharing her story of betrayal and renewed faith, Yolanda creates training and marketing materials for a Fortune 500 company. Yolanda's heartrending memoir plants readers right on the front pew of life as a pastor's wife. Learn more at http://www.upsidebook.com/.


  Meet Eugene Nelson Jr.

Eugene Nelson Jr. was born on September 17, 1971 in Chicago, IL. He has loved writing ever since he was five years old. Reading came natural to him as well as writing. Eugene loves to play Role Playing Games, Chess, Shooting Pool, Darts, Dominoes, Card Games and just about anything that challenges his mind. Eugene has created a role playing game and a book based off the game. Both by the name of Covert Operations. Eugene's greatest achievement is being the father of his five wonderful children.

Meet Ondrea L. Davis

Ondrea L. Davis is a native of the Washington, DC area.  She graduated from South University earning a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting.  Ondrea is currently pursuing her MBA. Davis is a 33 year old mother of three who resides in Upper Marlboro, MD.  She is also the owner of a growing Accounting & Consulting firm.  Ondrea enjoys reading, writing, singing and spending time with her family in her spare time.  In collaboration with co-author J’son M. Lee, her first novel is entitled How could my husband be GAY?


  Meet S. Dodson

  S.Dodson is originally from Arkansas and currently resides in Northern Virginia.... She is pursuing a doctorate degree in education specializing in adult learning and higher education. She holds a B.A.in psychology from Grambling State University and a M.A. in counseling from Dallas Baptist University. She is the owner of Mahogney Ink Publications and three fiction titles: Cheating On My Mistress, A Diamond For A Diva, and Revenge Of The Cheating Mistress. Her memberships include Kappa Delta Pi honor's society, Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority incorporated, Sistahs With Class bookclub, and the American Management Association. Teen Girls Need L.O.V.E. is her first non-fiction book. She wrote this book with the hopes of inspiring all teens to push to the next level.



Meet: Tomeka S. Phifer 

Tomeka S. Phifer  born in Harlem, NY July 17, 19??. Moved to Concord, NC for 1yr. Traveled back and forth from New York to North Carolina most of her childhood. Lived in New York and New Jersey most of her adult life, currently residing in Harlem, NY. Immediately it becomes evidently clear to all who embrace her presence their in the company of an old angelic soul.  A mature genius, by age 5 she was already responsible for the well being of her relatives both old an young. She cared for and nutured  her younger cousins, neices and nephews. Tomeka's natural musical/writing gifts and talents were discovered at age 9 by her 4th grade music teacher in North Carolina. He, stated "Tomeka, your are very special so don't you ever forget that. It's as if you have a recorder in your ear. Every chord I play on the piano you replay vocally. You come in on it hitting the perfect note right away most people have to find the correct note." Music is truly her life, her passion and her first love.


  Meet Cosha Hayes

A resident of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, C. Hayes received Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and is currently Pursing a Masters Degree in Counseling. C. Hayes has always had a passion for helping others and being a part of her community. She also has a non-profit organization that provides mentoring services for young teen girls named after her late grandmother Barbara Johnson (Barbara's House, Inc.) C. Hayes always wanted to write but fear kept her passion buried. A simple Mother's Day gift in 2010 gave that fear the boot.

C. Hayes just published her first book titled "Misconceptions" under her company Bran Nue Productions. Misconceptions was released April 1, 2011. Bran Nue Productions is also the mother company of Skayte By: Kyler D. Skayte By: Kyler D is a T-Shirt line that was created by her oldest son Kyler Doutrive. Her plans are to continue to write novels with great messages in which at least one person can relate and learn from it.

C. Hayes is a woman you definitely want to watch. Her willingness to help others and reach her goals is extreme. "My focus now are my children, building something for them and with them is the best feeling in the world".


Meet Adriann "The Pen" Bautista

Adriann “The Pen” Bautista a native of Philadelphia, PA, is a Playwright and Poet.

 She has four Christian play productions to her credit: “My name is Struggle/ Victory;” “Sister, You Better Change your Hat!;” “Don’t you know, He rose and He lives!;” and the most recent “RESTORED”. Her plays have been warmly received and have been ministered in Chester, Philadelphia and the Morton area of Pennsylvania.  Those who have experienced the messages of hope through these stage productions have all agreed that they have been life-altering and inspirational.

 A newly professed Poet, Adriann has published two Chap books entitled “Ballad of a Beautiful Brown King” and “SisterStrength” and a full length book entitled “Sanctuary of Snow,” available on Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com.

 Adrian is also co-founder of the all female poetry ensemble Wings of Worth.

  Visit her website: http://justthepen.blog.com/

  Meet Harriet Cammock

It doesn't matter how you start, it matters how you finish. This can be said of Harriet's life. Born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Harriet's journey is one marked by a strong faith in the belief that you can overcome, if you try hard enough.

Through childhood, her grandmother instilled in her a drive to succeed. After an abusive marriage, Harriet determined she would use her own experiences in overcoming abuse to teach other women that there is help available. She channeled those experiences in writing and through her blog, she provides inspirational and uplifting messages to many people.


Harriet began The Faith Hour in 2009 and used this platform to launch The Renewed by Grace Conference which was designed to bring together men and women whose lives were touched by abuse. "I want to show women that you don't have to look like what you went through," Harriet said. Using creative resources and with involvement from other community organizations, Harriet plans to host another conference sometime in the next several months.


A published author, she now hosts The Harriet Cammock Show. The Harriet Cammock Show uses principles of surviving and overcoming; principles that Harriet learned first-hand. Harriet has appeared on The Word Network, Authors TV, HOM-TV, Atlanta Live! and she is a guest writer for The Hinterland Gazette. A gifted speaker, Harriet is available for speaking engagements and can be reached through the 'Contact Us' page.


Meet Jahzara 


Nicole “Jahzara” Bradley  is the daughter of Mrs. Diane Rouse and the late Julius Rouse. She is a product of the Gary Community School Corporation.  Mrs. Bradley graduated with honors from Gary West Side High School. She is also a graduate of Indiana University, Bloomington.

    Jahzara was blessed with having inspirational teachers as she grew up, thus she decided to give back to the community what was given to her. She taught for ten years in the Gary Community School Corporation and then in Spring 2011 was told her contract would not be renewed due to budget cuts. 

   Jahzara is also a certified Clinical Massage Therapist, and the owner of Tranquil Moments LLC — a publishing company that also specializes in health and wellness. In 2010, Tranquil Moments added the Your Walking Billboard division to the company which helps businesses to promote their products in a creative manner. If you can afford a latte and muffin, Jahzara promises you will be able to order a service off of the YourWalkingBillboard menu. In Spring 2011, Tranquil Moments added Spill Da Beanz division to the company. Spill Da Beanz promises to be a one stop shop to help businesses effectively promote. The motto of the company is “You should be the topic of conversation.” Jahzara also helps up and coming authors with providing writing consultation. She also helps businesses obtain sponsors. Jahzara has been sponsored by Fifth Third Bank, Mike Anderson Chevrolet, BGC, and Mocha Apparel to name a few.

  Jahzara is a 5-time published author and currently working on a movie for her book, Love Don’t Live Here Anymore as well as her third novel, “Chaotic Bliss.”She writes under the pen name “Jahzara.”  Jahzara began her writing journey when she was in the third grade. She recalls that it started when she was placed in the “Wee-One’s” corner after having one too many confrontations with the boys in the classroom. Her third grade teacher really thought that she was punishing Nicole by putting her in the “Wee-One’s” corner and separating her from the rest of the class. Nicole wishes to thank Mrs. Smith and all of the wonderful English teachers and the late Mr. Boswell for contributing to the writer she is today.

  Jahzara hosts two radio shows on blog talk radio (www.blogtalkradio.com/jahzara ), she writes a blog entitled “Girl, PLEASE!” (hosted at www.soulfulnights.com ) which is also the title of one of her books. Additionally, Jahzara is the Assistant Marketing Manager for Sista Gurl Media. Jahzara writes for SGTV blog as well as Sista Gurl Mag.

Jahzara is on the web and would love to hear from you.  http://www.nicolebradley.com/    

  Meet Victor Kwegyir

Victor Kwegyir is the founder and CEO of VIKE INVEST (UK) LTD, a growing International Business Consultancy firm in London, UK. The author recently released book "The Business You Can Start -Spotting the Greatest Opportunity in the Economic Downturn.” He holds a Masters degree (MSc in International Financial Systems) with other qualifications. He also speaks internationally at seminars, challenging and equipping people with the knowledge and practical tools in starting and growing a business. Victor is a regular guest speaker and contributor to entrepreneurial development and business growth & profitability radio shows. He also has his own blog as well as contributes to other blogs and business finance and management websites around the world.


The book is currently available through the following retailers:

Barnes & Noble


Amazon Kindle(eBook edition)






  J'SON M. LEE, though born in Brooklyn, NY, is essentially a North Carolinian. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Speech Communication and a concentration in Performance Studies. He is 41 years old and resides in Baltimore, Maryland. J'son works for a prominent real estate firm in our nation's capital.  For more information on this author and his works, please visit www.jmccoylee.com.


  Meet Tivona Elliot

Tivona Elliott is the author of Livin the Fast Life. She was born on July 30, 1976 in Wichita Kansas. Tivona was raised by her grandmother who taught her the importance of being strong. She relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth area to make a better life for herself.  She decided to start writing and telling her story to help other women and young girls know that they are not alone in this cruel world. Tivona says, “I wanted to tell men that there is a way to treat your woman and when you treat her wrong these are the emotions that she is feeling.” Tivona’s goal is to be a better person and make a difference in this world.


Meet Danielle Green

  Danielle Green was born and raised in Flint Michigan.  A single mother of three beautiful daughters.  She grew up on the North side of town where crime and murder were a everyday occurrence.  After loosing way too many friends and family to the streets she decided to tell her story in hopes of deterring future generations from getting caught up in the same streets that she barely escaped.  Wanting something better for herself and her daughters she turned to books, both reading and writing.  After shopping her books around to different publishing house, who could’t understand the real rawness of her material she decided to make it happen on her own.  Thats how Image Publishings was born.  

  Meet D.L. Sparks

D.L. Sparks’ fast paced suspense novel THE LIES THAT BIND exploded onto the scene and landed promptly on the best sellers list of Black Expressions magazine for countless months and has been embraced by endless readers as far away as London and France. Ms Sparks has also been voted one of the Top 25 Most Influential Black Fiction Writers on Twitter by The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog an honor she is truly honored and humbled by. D.L. graced the cover of Rag 'N Riches Magazine's Culture issue, where she was able to literally come down off the shelves and give her readers an up close and personal look into her life.

D.L. dedicates her novels to the scores of missing women across the country. After dealing with the blow of her best friend Monica Bowie being abducted, she felt that she had to do something. Along with Monica, each book will be dedicated to a different woman and her information. This is one way she wants to keep hope alive for these beautiful women’s families and a a small way to give back. D.L. is also a staunch advocate for uplifting our youth. She speaks regularly at the Sister to Sister, a mentoring program at the Fulton County Youth Detention Center as well as schools in the metro Atlanta area.  She enjoys mentoring and speaking to young girls and helping to mold their minds through positive reinforcement and showing them that all things are possible with God and a strong belief in ones self
Her next novel BETWEEN FRIENDS will be available 12/27/11. Some things that are already being said about this author’s sophomore work:
"I read the excerpt from your forthcoming novel and it was like I was watching an HBO drama: fast-paced, edgy, beautiful language, suspense. I mean, I kept waiting for Stringer Bell to show up in the scene." - Reader comment on excerpt from BETWEEN FRIENDS
“I really enjoyed Between Friends. There is so much history and secrets are seeping beneath every line, look, and laugh. The lies are just as lethal as the gunfire and bullets. It’s an exciting read.” - Reviewer


  Meet Clark Triplett

Born in Toledo, Ohio in 1963, Clark Triplett was 4 years old when his family moved to Michigan in 1967 where he was raised to adulthood. He attended Mott Community college majoring in Fine Arts.  He also attended Baker College of Business majoring in Computer Sciences.  Mr. Triplett grew up in a well grounded family environment. He is the 3rd oldest of 11 children. His parents taught him the moral values which helped increase in him appreciation for life.  His interest in writing developed as a young child. As a young child he used to write poetry and lyrics for songs.  He served as chairman of the youth activities committee at the age of 12 leading a group of children with ages ranging from 5 years old-18 years of age. He took over leadership of his famiy's R&B group Insights after his oldest brother left for college leading them to an impecable undefeated record in school talent shows. His desire to write this book stems from the disdainful conditions that he grew up witnessing from mankind. Though he has no basic literary background except for college courses in English Composition, his desire to please who he believes to be his creator is what motivates him to write this book.  His childhood like nature wanted to establish a condition of equal justice and concern for the well being of all of humanity during our brief stay here on earth.  He knew this could not be accomplished as long as there were contradicting truths regarding what mankind believes we are to follow. Therefore, he set out to seek an understanding of exactly what is the knowledge of truth and to point all who desire to follow it in that direction, resulting in this book: “CONVICTING THE WORLD OF SIN”.


  Meet Walethia Aquil

Walethia Aquil is a contributing author to an anthology entitled:  Sister to Sister:  A Guide for African American Girls.  Her chapter focuses on the importance of etiquette and social skills. She is married with two daughters and seven beautiful grandchildren. She loves action movies, good food and good books. Ballroom dancing is one of her favorite pastimes. She’s recently taken up golf and finds that to be very relaxing. She tries to take care of her health by eating right and exercising on a regular basis. “I have to say potato chips and chocolate chip cookies are my weakness.” Walethia admits. Above all, she loves life, meeting new people, and just having fun.

Walethia is the founder of Grace and Charm Success System, which includes over 30 unique training programs designed to improve organizational and personal behavior, business and social graces and effective team building. She also hosts Success with Grace and Charm radio show and has been a guest on over 100 other television and radio programs. It airs every Tuesday at 2pm est. on Blog Talk Radio.

Visit her website at: http://graceandcharmblog.com/


UBAWA is honoring Black authors during the months of September, October, & November. If you're a Black/African-American author, send an author photo and a mini bio to ubawa2011@gmail.com w/the subject heading BLACK AUTHOR FEATURE to be featured on our website.



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