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     Spotlight Author of the Month

Roney McIntyre is the author of the book,  "The Price of Life: Breaking strongholds and Building self-esteem.”

We all search for answers and explanations for things we experience in life. The Price of Life by Roney McIntyre, Jr., walks us through emotions and gives us truth with power and compassion.

     The Price of Life presents a collection of poems that are deeply felt and emotionally charged. Each piece reflects a different side of the author and tackles themes as diverse as love, depression, the state of America, firsthand accounts of hurricane Katrina, and the plight of African-Americans in modern society. (read more)




Tracy Brown

Danita Carter


Dana Dane

Eric Jerome Dickey

Geneva Holliday

Shannon Holmes

La Jill Hunt

Brenda Jackson (Brenda Streater)

Solomon Jones


Darrien Lee

Tina McKinney



Daaimah Poole

Tracie Price - Thompson

Sister Souljah

Vickie Stringer

Nikki Turner

Omar Tyree

Teri Woods

SOURCE: African American Voices: A Guide to Selected Authors


2011 UBAWA Literary Awards

The 2011 UBAWA Literary Awards (sponsored by UBAWA) will take place on December 31, 2011 (which lands on the last Saturday of the 2011 calendar year). The award categories are as follows:

Best Author of the Year

Best Breakout Author of the Year

Best Book Cover

Best Book Club

Best Talk Show

Best Publisher

Best Editing Services

To make your nominations, email ubawa2011@gmail.com. Be sure to include the FULL NAME of the individual/host/business/service you are nominating in your email.

enter website

 Facebook & Social Networking by George Carer

Facebook is a social networking site in which you can communicate and interact with other people from all across the world. You can add as many Friends as you want, up to 5,000 friends. Also, you can meet new and old friends, co-works, business partners, & share stuff on page such as Music, Pictures, games to play & you can create new groups. There is also place on facebook where you can set your account & you can block anybody that you don’t want to find on there - y ou can keep them from finding you by blocking them. Facebook also has an age limit on there so children under a certain can sign up. (read more)

Teen Girls Need


TGNL,Inc. is an organization founded to help the straight A student, the troubled teen, and the girl that is looking to be empowered. TGNL goals are 1.) To INSPIRE teen girls to push to the next level. 2) To MOTIVATE teens by teaching them the skills needed to become successful women. 3) To TRANSFORM the psychological effects caused by the large number of negative images depicted of women in the media. 

(enter website)



 HEY ATTENTION ALL AUTHORS!!!! ENTER THE BEST WEBSITE CONTEST for your chance to have your website featured right here on the HOMEPAGE of UBAWA'S website!! To enter, send your websites to ubawa2011@gmail.com



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This system is a great tool to reinforce book club members for “good” activity and participation in the group and on UBAWA’s website. Good behavior that can earn you points may include positive participation in the group, posting updates to the wall, and commenting on blog posts posted in the group and on the website blog. Rewards for activity points may include honorable mention, free t-shirts, books, mugs, a website feature, and a free author booth at the 1st Annual UBAWA Book Fair.

 Activity points will be rewarded at the end of every week. Always keep in mind that you get out of life what you are willing to put in. Good Luck! Invite your friends and add them to our group. Share in the experience and share in the rewards!

 Every member of UBAWA’s website is entitled to 25 FREE Activity Points!!

The point system is as follows:



Scoring Chart – There are several ways to earn activity points. To view the Activity Point Chart, click here.

Reward Chart – At the end of every week, email ubawaactivitypoints@gmail.com to claim your activity points. At the end of every month, points can be cashed in and traded for prizes, including free books, gift cards, promotion, and more. The chart below details our Prize Bank.


500 points

1500 points

3000 points

5000 points

Honorable mention on the website & in the social media

Free t-shirt, coffee mug, books, and writer’s accessories

Author Feature and up to 5 free book reviews & promotion

Free Author Booth & admission at the 1st Annual Author’s Corner Book Fair






To view your activity points for the day, week, month, & year, just click here.

To visit the group's page on Facebook, click here.

NOTE: You must be a member of UBAWA’s website to earn activity points. If you are not a member of the site and you would like to become a member, click here.

REMINDER: Activity points can only be earned as a member of the website. When you become a member, your name will be added to the Activity Point Database. This is where you will be able to access the total number of points you have earned daily, weekly, and up-to-date.

To view our reward bank, click here.

To participate, you MUST add your name to our Activity Point Roster. If your name is already listed, then you’re good to go. If you don’t see your name on the list, then you will need to add it by emailing ubawa2011@gmail.com with the subject heading: ADD ME TO UBAWA’s ACTIVITY POINT ROSTER.


For questions, comments, or concerns regarding our new and improved Activity Point & Reward System, please don’t hesitate to contact us at ubawa2011@gmail.com.


The counting begins!



WORD OF THE DAY is another way The Author's Corner group members can earn activity points. Each day (Monday - Friday), a new word will be posted to the group's wall and on the group's website. WRITE THIS WORD DOWN AND KEEP THIS WORD FOR YOUR RECORDS!! At the end of each week or at the end of each day (whichever you prefer) you will need to email theofficialauthorscorner@gmail.com to receive your activity points. Each word counts for 1 point.



YOU can win a FREE booth at

UBAWA's 1st Annual Book Fair

in July 2012!!! See the chart below for details!!

 (Results in table shown are for an average at 20 points per day)

# of Days

# of Points




Honorable Mention






Author Handbag









Author Feature












*Author Booth at Book Fair*



UBAWA's Best-seller Book Club

Book of the Month


 Life is what you make it - seven steps to moving forward

by Carl Mathis 

Visit UBAWA's group page by clicking here to post your comments, reflections, and reactions to the book.


Click Here to purchase book 

Submit your book for UBAWA's Book Club Book of the Month by emailing ubawa2011@gmail.com with the following: (1) Your Name (2) Title of your book (3) Book Cover Photo (4) Excerpt from your book (5) SUBJECT HEADING: Book Club Book of the Month (6) Book's Website


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