"Dedicated to promoting literacy and the advancement of writers and authors from under-represented groups"


In October 2010, the founder of UBAWA (Danielle Leach) completed the manuscript for American Dreamer. In that same month, Danielle created Coach Me to Publish in response to a high demand for assistance in publishing requested by other aspiring and up and coming authors.

As Danielle continued to promote her upcoming book, she became bombarded with emails from family, friends, and even strangers asking if she could assist them in getting their books into print. Danielle complied with this demand and Coach Me to Publish was founded and created.

Alongside Coach Me to Publish, Danielle realized that her clients would need a platform to be heard and seen. She envisioned a place where authors could be appreciated for their craft – a place where their books could be read and shared amongst readers, book clubs, and bookstores all across the world.

A few weeks after Coach Me to Publish came into existence, Danielle gave birth to The Author’s Corner.

Before the website was fully launched, The Author’s Corner had already generated a staggering total of over 1,000 fans and counting.

Authors, writers, as well as readers, bloggers, and poets started to gravitate to The Author’s Corner – a group that has changed dramatically since Danielle created it back in October 2010.

It wasn’t until after the group was created that it went international, attracting visitors from countries as far as France, Libya, Russia, and Korea.

Over the months (since the group and the website were created), Danielle has become very diligent and adamant about making the website and online book club user-friendly, supportive, and welcoming.

"Keeping an open arm to authors from all corners of the world is what’s most important to me as the founder and president. If I ever plan to impact the world and make a difference, how dare I limit my potential reach to only the people who look like me?” Danielle humbly states.

In the spring of 2011, Danielle saw fit to change the name of The Authors’ Corner to UBAWA (which rightly stands for Urban Books Authors  & Writers of America).

The vision of UBAWA is to never stop growing. As long as there are authors and people, there will be UBAWA.

To learn more about UBAWA, read UBAWA’s FAQ by clicking here.



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