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Alterick Gaston - Author of King of the South

Amore - Author of The Temptation of Love

Anthony Pathfinder- Author of Fair Game, False Pretense

Miss Angela Stevenson Ringo - Author of Poems of Love Volume One and Poems for Your Soul

Corey Barnes - Author of What is this love thing all about?

Corey  Reynolds - Author of Is It the Whore In Me Or the Whore In You?

Danielle Leach - Author of American Dreamer, Coach Me to Publish, & Pockets Full of Wisdom

David Butler II - Author of Why do Men Love their Cars and Drive the Hell out of their Women

Dawn Banks - Author of Revelations of a Poetess, Genesis of a Poetess

Dreama Skye - Author of "Strawberries, Stilettos, and Steam" with Imani True

Dr Nik Greene PsyD - Author of False Accusations; Guilty until Proven Innocent

D.Y. Phillips - Author of Love Trumps Game, The High Price Of A Good Man, Too Much Drama, and Kiss Or Keep

E.M.  Foster - Author of The Game Plays You

Ericka Blanding - Author of CHYNA WHITE & A SINGLE MOTHER'S HU$TLE

Eugene Nelson Jr - Author of Covert Operations: Alpha

Fabiola Sully - Author of Finding the Way Home

George Hudson - Author of Drama, Blocked In, City Lights, Family Ties, Executive Mis

Imani True - Author of Strawberries, Stilettos, and Steam; A Little Sumthin Sumthin

Jerome Williams - Author of DRAW Parts 1 And 2

John Watson Sr - Author of This Child Will

Joyce  Oscar - Author of After Midnight:Love's Journey, Poems in the Key of LIfe

Kennedee Devoe - Author of Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right

Kiexiza Rodriquez - Author of Beautiful

Lacha Mitchell - Author of Cancer the Silent Storm, Destiny's Child

Megan Griswold - Author of Lost and Found

Mr Mike Warren - Author of "A Private Affair"  "Sweet Swagger"  & "Sir, Yes Sir"

Norlita Brown - Author of "Somebody Else's Vows; Stages; Saying Nothing, Writing Everything; The Minds' Chaotic Episodes"

Nyerere Jase - Author of Gangsta Jake The End Result of A Snitch, Gangsta Jake Path of Terror

N.S.  Ugezene - Author of Pascal's Life, Pantaegeous

Patricia Richardson - Author of A Place for Ida, A Time for Jonathan, Deeply Hidden Desires, Where is God When Satan is Knocking On My Door?

Robert Womack - Author of Black Rose

Sable Jordan - Author of Different Shades of Gray

Shakir Rashaan - Author of Deviant Intent: Obsession

Shawnte  Henderson-Foster - Author of Where Friendship Lies, A Lover's Deceit, The Best Revenge

Shayla McClellon - Author of "Hypnotic" and "Lovely, I Die"

Mrs Sheri Henry-Harrigan - Author of Tales of the Broken Hearted

Miss Shuwanna White - Author of The Strength From Within

Snjezana Marinkovic - Author of Born in Sarajevo

Steve Wright - Author of BLOODLINE OF A MAFIA

Syretta Walker - Author of Behind The Chastity Belt, Upgrade You, and Chocolate Rose 2

Ms. Tamyara Brown - Author of Fat Girl Vigilante

Tony Wade - Author of Dark Justice

Unique Lekrell - Author of Sexual Appetite, Fear of the Past, & Be Beautiful


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Danielle Leach -(Ghostwriter) - Contact authordleach@gmail.com for more information on her book production rates and ghostwriting services

Megan Griswold - (writer) megangriswold2011@gmail.com



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Ms. Carla Dean - U Can Mark My Word Editorial & Typesetting Services



Magazines, Marketing, & Promotion

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Diamond Star Entertainment

Parle Magazine

Publicists & Managers

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Danielle Leach - authordleach@gmail.com

Book Clubs & Bookstores

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Literary Ladies of Lansing - Mrs. Anita Dawson, Book Club President

OOSA Online Book Club


Woman to Woman Literary Sistas

Word on da Street

Graphic Artists & Designers


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