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 Our book review process has changed. In order for us to review your book, you will need to send us a full length copy of your book. To receive a free book review, please send a review copy to the address below:

Danielle Leach c/o UBAWA

P.O. Box 5514

Atlanta, GA 31107


If you have a digital copy of your book, send it to ubawa2011@gmail.com with the subject heading: FREE BOOK REVIEW. 

DISCLAIMER: UBAWA Book Reviews are double-scored and developed by the use of a comprehensive system that uses several measuring sticks, including factors such as spelling, punctuation, diction (word choice), and creativity. While UBAWA reviews aren’t the final say, they do offer an unbiased, objective look into the work of various authors who have a healthy appreciation for becoming better at writing and producing quality, unadulterated works of art.


















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