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Meet Derrick Taylor

Entrepreneur and author Derrick Taylor is a refreshing new voice to the writing scene. His love for writing emerged after his inspirational journey from the sports world.

He attended Lurleen Burns Wallace College in Andalusia, Alabama studying Business and Management. Having experienced success in his 10-year professional career in communications, customer training, and development, he is now turning his full attention to writing and helping others on the importance of positive change. He spends much of his time mentoring young people through the community and personal venues.

Taylor is in the process of starting his IC-ART Foundation, which encourages and helps youth to reach their dreams of becoming a writer, artist, musician, or any artistic gift they may possess.

Aside from writing books, Derrick polishes his scripts for upcoming films he wants to produce. He is excited that films are soon to be developed from each book or novel he writes. Derrick’s passion for films to excite, inspire, entertain, and humor, allowed him to share his stories. He looks forward to becoming the next big filmmaker in hopes to encourage others in the world.

Reared in Statesboro, Georgia, Taylor was an outstanding athlete excelling in basketball. He was a two year starter earning numerous awards, one in particular the McDonald’s High School All American award, ranking him as one of the best basketball prospects in the nation.

Taylor currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and enjoys spending time with family, traveling, cooking, and of course, sports.

  Visit his website: http://www.dtaylorbooks.com/

  Meet Danielle Leach

Danielle Leach is the founder and president of  UBAWA and the manager, CEO, and publisher of UBAWA Mag & Newsletter. She also owns Coach Me To Publish, a relatively new company that assists new and aspiring authors in getting their book(s) into print. She coaches clients on the ins and outs of becoming a successful author and guides them along the process of writing, developing, and publishing their works of art, writings, and books.

Danielle is also the author of American Dreamer, Coach Me To Publish, and Pockets Full of Wisdom.

She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her fiance and is hoping to one day have some kids of her own to raise and share her love with.

Danielle has a prolific presence on the social-networking site, called Facebook as she is the owner of the following fan pages: American Dreamer, Coach Me To Publish, The Author's Corner, The Power of Facebook, & The Small Business Corner.

Although Danielle is a hard-working business woman and entrepreneur, she enjoys having fun and taking walks out on the beach, travelling, and meeting new people

Meet Penni Scott

H. Pennie Scott was raised in Queens, New York. She is the daughter of Mary and the late Charles M. Scott.  After graduating high school she followed in her cousins footsteps and attended South Carolina State University where she received her degree in Professional English.   Pennie never had the desire to teach but once she finished school she did have the desire to write a book.

Although the desire to write a book was always in her she wasn’t sure what genre she wanted to focus on. A good drama or a beautiful love story were  two subjects that she was interested in  but she wanted her first book to leave the reader with a strong positive message. 

                It wasn’t until meeting women from different walks of life who had gone through some form of sexual abuse, is when she decided to write about this very sensitive issue.  Not only was it important for Pennie to discuss this subject , it was also important  to show the long lasting effects that sexual abuse can have on  a person.  Pennie also wanted to show a different way to cope and heal from such an evil act. It is her desire to show women that, “bad things may happen to you but, you don’t have to make bad choices.” ~H. Pennie Scott

Order a copy of her book: http://www.authorhouse.com/Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?BookId=SKU-000466829



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