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1. One of the greatest discoveries in life is coming to know who God is; the 2nd greatest is getting to know yourself.

2. One misstep in life doesn’t end all; the last step does.

3. Life is not what you make it, but how you make it. A good life only lasts if it’s made right. Not everything that is made can withstand the test of time.

4. Life is easy; the hard part about it is doing it.

5. Have no regrets in life. Just take responsibility.

6. It’s one thing to live life, It’s another thing to live it to the FULLEST.

7. Don’t become upset with life – besides you could be doing something else.

8. A champion can take the curveballs that are thrown at him in life and still touchdown on success.

9. Too much of anything in life is bad for you. It’s important to maintain balance.

10. Life can be funny sometimes. Sometimes it takes that person telling you that you can’t for you to know that you can. Sometimes it takes that person to tell you, you don’t – just to come to the realization that you do.

11. Life isn’t so bad when you can open your eyes to the bright side – it’s just a matter of how you wake up: on the good side or on the bad side.

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Angela Edgar
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Agree to all. Well said.


Angee: Poet

"Nothing before it's time..."


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