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Ok, Ok, Ok! We all know that man was created BEFORE the woman and men and women differ on certain aspects pertaining to our biological makeup and physical development. And apparently as a result of our differences, there is friction between the sexes. This friction strengthens as the gap between the sexes is broadened by the realities of what makes men and women such distinct forms of creation. The gap between men and women stretches to the extent that we unavoidably create a standard for each sex – one for men and one for women.

Double standards are informal rules established between the sexes that dictate what’s appropriate behavior for a man and a woman based on divergent gender expectations. Double standards are more prevalent than we think. Here’s a list of things where we will see a double standard for men and women – a standard that clearly distinguish the roles, expectations, and norms of the two sexes.

1. Wearing the color pink (When a woman wears pink, she’s pretty. When a man wears pink, he’s gay)

2. Homosexuality (It’s ok for women to be homosexual/bisexual, but not ok for a man)

3. Length of hair (Men are supposed to wear their hair short; women should wear their hair long)

4. Smoking/Drinking (Smoking/drink is cool & sexy for men; But for women, it’s a health-hazard and a turnoff)

5. Preaching (Preaching is designed for men; women should stay out of the pulpit)

6. Number of Sex Partners (The more the merrier for men; more than one for a woman, she’s a whore)

7. Cheating (Is accepted, forgiven, and tolerated of men; When a woman cheats, she is denounced and held to a higher expectation)

8. Physical Abuse (When a woman hits a man, her behavior is excused; but if a man hits a woman, he goes to jail)

I’ve touched base on several double standards that separate the sexes, can you think of any others?

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