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An Excerpt from Make a Wish by Tina Ray

Posted by Author D Leach on August 1, 2012 at 1:15 PM



Ain’t this some shit right here. This mutha’ fucka gotta be out his rabbit-assed mind, fucking calling after the shit that just went down. Shady ass mutha' fucka probably looking for some damn sympathy about his eye knowing damn well Nube soft-hearted and not gonna just blow him off, since he supposed to be so injured and all. Sheeeiit…this nigga don’t know… his ass got off light. Damn…let me exhale I thought as I turned and clutched the railing on the balcony. Let me stop and get myself together and think this thing out. We just talked about this in the truck on the way home…Trey is not a threat to me as far as she’s concerned. Yeah and I believe her…he not a threat…but he certainly is a fucking aggravation. I’m saying come on…shit is over…accept that and move the fuck on. I mean, I can understand the grief over his loss, cause Nube is a fucking jewel, but sorry son…your ignorance on the value of rare gems is not my problem. In fact your ignorance is my blessing.

I made a point to check my watch and noted that 2.5 minutes had passed and noticed that she’d taken a seat on the bed, still very much in deep conversation. She did seem like she was annoyed herself and that right there kind of took it in another direction. I’m saying…that’s my fucking lady right there, and I don’t take kindly to nobody wearing on her nerves. But…she asked me to give her 5 and I’m gonna give her that cause she asked. I stood out on the balcony letting the time wind down before I returned inside and silently motioned to my wrist letting her know that time was up. She held up one finger in a motion to say 1 more minute. Yeah right…picture that…nigga on the phone blocking on my fucking time no less. The agreement was 5…and 5 only. I came over and sat next to her on the bed and leaned over and kissed her. She continued talking and so I kissed her again, then proceeded down her neck. I reached over and grabbed her legs from under her positioning her on her back as she continued to talk, “Trey…that is so not how I remember things at all. You know that you used to …”

I took a deep breath, exhaled and continued on with what I was doing…like I said this, my fucking time right here. I continued to kiss her softly on her neck and unbuttoned her blouse as I proceeded to make my way down towards them peaks and valleys I’d envisioned earlier. Bingo…she had on a bra that had the closure in the front and I unsnapped it and released the restraints. I touched gently, slowly then kissed gently…slowly. Her breathing began to change and she began to lose focus on the words of the conversation.

“Trey…uhm…well…no…but then again…” I smiled inside as I continued to utilize my time and took the right nipple in my mouth. Her body jerked upward and she feebly raised her finger again as if to say…please…just 1 minute.

“Trey…listen…I really was…I mean really…in the middle of something…important. What…no…how you gonna take it there. I was not the one who constantly had distractions…you was the one….”

Okay…whatever he talking done recaptured her attention so I need to get this back to where it needs to be. Opportunity was definitely on my side today as she had on an elastic waist gypsy skirt that I slowly rolled down as I kissed licked and nibbled her abdomen. Once I got to the hipline, I scooped up the panties with the skirt and rolled away the whole kit and caboodle. She raised her eyebrows at me, yet continued to talk.


“Trey…going back and forth on events in the past is so irrelevant to today. You just need to…”

With me freeing up the southern hemisphere, I reached down to lick and kiss her knees. She jumped a little, then tensed up. Oh no…we can’t have that. I know just what to do to get her to relax. I let my tongue do a slow dance behind her knees, than brought it back around to her inner thighs. I kissed slowly, purposefully and accurately as her broken conversation informed me of my progress.

“Trey…okay…well just let me…uhm…well you…I’m trynna….”

Look like this nigga got a hard time understanding she got shit to do. Guess I’m gonna have to help his ass out. I licked and kissed the inner thighs, teasing and nibbling, my tongue making its way slowly up to the treasure building the momentum along the way.

She tried to get a grip and excuse herself on the phone with, “I’ve…really…got to go…Trey…”

He could have gotten his ass off the phone or she could have hung up…but since they didn’t…wasn’t gonna let them continue to impede on my time. I reached my destination and took my first swipe to which she let go an unmistakable moan. I took my second, my third, and my fourth swipe to which she flat out moaned in 3-D. I paused for a minute then went in deep for the nibble and nips to which she completely submitted herself with the all-out moans and calling my name. As her arms flailed to her side removing the phone from her ear, I reached up and took the cell phone from her hand. As I licked, sucked and teased her into the moans that I like to hear, I brought the cell phone right on down front and center to all the action and began to deliver some of my best work in sensor-round. I made sure to include all the special effects of the wet gushes of slurping, sucking, licking, splashing and the whole nine, all the while her intense moans served as the backdrop.

Once I knew that the full effect had been established, I paused, put the phone to my ear and said, “Yo Money…she busy.”

I rose up slid the phone closed and tossed it onto the dresser. I proceeded to lose my attire as she lay on the bed looking up at me like “how could you?” So I looked back down at her with my own look that said, “you had ya 5…this my time.” And now that we got that all out the way, I reached under her to cup them sweet checks, slid ole’ boy up inside of her and proceeded to knock that shit down …like there was no tomorrow.


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