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The psycological state of woman, or girls mind when a man just cant give her the pleasure she desires after rape molestation or incest.

Posted by Author Syretta Walker on October 22, 2012 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

As an author who has been molested I often talk about what has happened to me; sometimes I get  feedback, and sometimes I dont. But, I find that a lot of women will say I can't get that mighty o with a man based on what happened. Men, what about Yall do you get that feeling after being molested or raped; that it takes the same sex to get you off. Regardless, I have a tale that will make everyone wonder wheter it is based on facts or fiction:http://bradleyspublishingcompany.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/3065918 .

Meet April Joy Bowden

Posted by Author D Leach on May 23, 2012 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (0)

April Joy Bowden (Greensboro, NC) is the author of High on Love & Addiction. We had the privilege of interviewing April and here’s what she had to say.

What led up to you becoming an author? I have been writing since I learned to put words together. I would write on anything I could find. Napkins, menus, the back of paper, my clothes; nothing was safe. Seeing a real book with my name on it has always been my dream.

Is there a particular message in your books you would like for your readers to grasp? That we all go through things. We just have to decide the best way to handle them.

What is your biggest inspiration for writing? I have so many stories to tell. No one can tell my story better.

If you could give one piece of advice to an up and coming author, what would it be? Be true to yourself.

What do you have planned next? I am working on a book of poetry

How can readers, publishers, and others in the literary community reach you? Via facebook at http://www.facebook.com/apriljoybowden

Meet Angela Stevenson Ringo

Posted by Author D Leach on May 23, 2012 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)


Angela Stevenson Ringo, a native of Cleveland, Ohio is the author of Poems for Your Soul and Poems of Love, Volume One.We had the chance to interview Angela. Here’s what she had to say.

What led up to you becoming an author? It's my calling from God. Writing took me to a place in my mind where I could capture, create and experience a variety of things and places. A world designed by me where I could control the situation with a variety of outcomes. Places where I could escape from the everyday stresses of life. My thoughts turned into stories, stories I wanted to share with others. .

Is there a particular message in your books you would like for your readers to grasp? I would like to capture the attention of my readers so they can walk away with a sense of hope, comfort, inspiration and courage regardless of what life situation occurs. When you believe and have faith, the impossible becomes possible. True strength lies within each of us when we look deep down in the depth of our soul. Each one of my poems has a message that deals with real life situations. I capture the essence of what lies deep down in the depths of all of our hearts and souls through my words in a compassionate way that gives others hope and help to mend the broken hearted.

What is your biggest inspiration for writing? My mother has always inspired me every since I was a child. I am the woman I am today because of what she taught me, she never once judged me no matter what and always surrounded me with unconditional love.

If you could give one piece of advice to an up and coming author, what would it be? Never give up on your dream of writing no matter what hurtful things people will say to you.

What do you have planned next? Releasing my Autobiography

Purchase a copy of Poems for Your Soul: http://www.amazon.com/Poems-Your-Angela-Stevenson-Ringo/dp/1432725181

Meet Cateenna Davis

Posted by Author D Leach on May 23, 2012 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Name: Cateenna Davis

Hometown: Wisconsin

Title: Sarah Rose

Genre: Fiction

# of pages: 268

Book Synopsis:

The room turned a crimson red. “Waait…Wait on it, he’ll get his… Waait,” whispered the echoing voice of a woman unseen. Sarah had been hearing it since her father began abusing her. She wants nothing more than the courage and strength to get even with him for his vial abuse. Anger and disgust give her the courage, but it would be the mysterious voice having her waiting until it was seemingly too late. Now the man she wants dead more than anything in the world is gone. As time goes on she is faced with the chance to seek out revenge on all those that have wronged her; it is with this chance that Sarah finds out who she really is. Sarah Rose’s life is turned upside down after the sudden death of her mother and the ungodly abuse she receives from her drunken father, who blames her for the cause of her mother’s death. As she finds the strength to fight him off, she begins to hear a woman's voice and sees a strange crimson glow, whenever fear, anger, and disgust gets the best of her. She will soon find herself abandoned, left to fend on her own. Befriended by a woman named Savannah, she is fast thrown into a world of booze, prostitution, and drugs. Sarah makes two vows if given the strength to go on - that is to get even with her father for his abuse and to kill the man that murdered her mother.

About the Author:

Born in Wisconsin, growing old in Florida, Cateenna now lives with her husband of 17 years and has three children with careers in the military. Although she is a licensed paramedic, she has taken on the roll of author full time. Her love of writing and reading compelled her to start her own business in editing and proofreading for other indie authors. She has also started a review blog for new and established authors.

What led up to you becoming an author? Getting laid off the squad I was working for. LOL

How long did it take you to complete your book? Sarah Rose was a work in progress. It was never suppose to go this far. In total it took 10 years to complete.

Is there a particular message in your book(s) you would like for your readers to grasp? No there is no message. It's just for pure fun. Suspenseful entertainment, a movie in your head if you will.

What is your biggest inspiration for writing? I think my husband is. If I have to have inspiration, I mean if it wasn't for him telling me time after time how good it was, I would not have given it a second thought. Not to mention being laid off is inspiration as well. LOL

If you could give one piece of advice to an up and coming author, what would it be? Never give up. It may not happen overnight. And if you’re not getting what you want from others, beat the path yourself; the rest will soon follow.

What do you have planned next? Another fiction story of course, much tamer than my first. A young girl who is going to find out the hard way she is the keeper of the light.

How can readers, publishers, and others in the literary community reach you? I can be reached at [email protected] for signings/interviews/appearances. They may also contact me via my website http://www.cateennascorner.com

New Release: Experiencing the Power of Poetic Literature by Regina Long Southall

Posted by Author D Leach on May 21, 2012 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (0)

A book of 48 inspirational poems about everyday life situations


New Release: Experiencing the Power of Poetic Literature by Regina Long Southall

Posted by Author D Leach on May 21, 2012 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (0)

A book of 48 inspirational poems about everyday life situations


Until Morning Comes by Joyce Oscar

Posted by Author D Leach on May 15, 2012 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (0)

The last time I saw him

he lie comfortably within my arms.

The heat from each breath he took

ignited my soul

and each pant became

a part of my existence.

I can still feel the wetness of his lips

as they took form to the curve

of my breast.

Each kiss fell softly,


and unhurriedly.

Now unable to sleep, I sit by the window.

With my questioning eyes

peering towards the stars,

I am consumed with the memories

of our last sunset.

The essence of jasmine filled the air

while bodies of candlelight

danced against the windows.

It was at that moment that

I felt comfort.

I still hear the sounds of the raindrops

as they fell lightly upon the rooftop.

They seemed to dance to the rhythm

of our beating hearts, producing

an exquisite song of passion.

Then he turned, and with his rest

seemingly undisturbed, he pulled

me into his slumber.

It was at that moment that I felt love.

Yes the last time I saw him,

his body laid wrapped in the moonlight.

And I am continually haunted

by the memory of him

until morning comes.

Urban Writers 2012

Posted by Ryan Johnson on May 8, 2012 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (0)

The urban genre writing format has a lot of negative connotations to it. For some there are a lot of misconceptions about the genre itself. Most surprisingly the audience that it most targets has issues as well with it at times. Even some big box retailers take a somewhat hesitant approach to the writing. Some of the misconceptions that I believe stand out when it comes to urban writing is the qualifications, the audience, and the marketability of the writing itself.

Many ask what the qualification to be an urban writer is. The funny thing is the qualifications for urban writing don’t differ that most than those of other genres qualifications. Yes, some of the best pieces have come from those who have seen it and been through it. But you don’t necessarily have to be brought up in poverty to not know how it looks and feels. Many readers or outsiders believe that many urban writers gained their skills while being locked up in prison or in the ghetto. Again, there are many notable urban authors who wrote through experiences interviewing inmates and speaking with those of lesser socioeconomic status. Asking one what does it take to write an urban novel is like asking a best seller if you have what it takes to write one yourself? I will say that you should write what you know. But if your creativity allows you to expand and create worlds then by all means I’m all for it.

Another misconception about urban writers is that it is only written for African Americans. First off, urban fiction gets its name for inner city dramatic writing. Hence the word, urban. And in the city there are every shade of people. Urban novels aren’t only regulated to hair salons and Sunday afternoons readings but across seas as well. People of every social status and education level enjoy the urban tales. I had the privilege recently to volunteer at the National Black Book Festival last year. And at the fair I noticed Jewish, Hispanic, and Caucasian writers setting up booths and greeting fans. There wasn’t much a difference from there booth than those of African Americans. In fact, the patrons who visited the fair were of every different race as well. This shows that the writing while written mostly by African Americans isn’t solely for them as well.

A very important misconception at least to me, is the marketability that people give urban writers. Big book carriers assume that it is hard to market or carry urban novels. As of right now, there are at least five urban writers who are best sellers. Some of them are New York Bestsellers. Some of these writers have surpassed what is commonly specified at best seller. Many urban authors are receiving five to six figure deals to produce works of arts. Urban literature reaches an audience of at least 50 million potential readers. African Americans alone will be valued to hold at least a trillion in buying power by 2015. With three years till then I believe that a genre that is written mostly by this group cannot be possibly ignored. What is not commonly shown or brought to the surface is the number of urban fiction book fairs that take place every year in the US. For the year 2012 alone, almost twenty book fairs are booked in cities. What is worth urban fiction is not only regulated to non-fiction but to religion, sci fi, and mystery. Therefore there is definitely marketing opportunities within the genre.

Rebuttal to Think Like a Man

Posted by Ryan Johnson on April 22, 2012 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)

                Withthe dropping of Steve Harvey’s novel turned movie, a lot of questions have now arose.Women are asking more of those behind the door questions about what do menthink about. Men are doing the same as well. Both sexes have always wonderedwhat goes in the circles of the opposite gender.  The ironic thing about the concept is that noone is one true expert in the field.  Weonly have our assumptions. This week’s writing will focus on questions thatboth sides ask in their own gender’s circle.

                We’llfirst start with the ladies. Women will ask if sex is something that mustalways be on the minds of men. No and yes. No, because sex is something thatdips in and out of the male psyche but not as much as you think. It’s like aswitch that turns on and off. At the same time yes, because sex is somethingthat many males use to grade themselves. Another inquiry women may ask is thequestion of marriage. The concept of marriage is not something foreign ornecessarily scary for a man. It’s the hope that he has made the right decisionor has chosen the right female. But to elaborate on that topic, a man is neverone for the pressure or guilt tripping into marriage agenda. Questions thatmany women ask themselves are if they are cut enough, fit enough, educatedenough, or tall enough. This is something that can be really annoying. I saythis to say that confidence in a woman is a trait that can’t be learned butsomething that has to be in you.  There’ssomething about confidence in a woman that can override so many other unimportantbeliefs.  Women want communication frommen. Understandable. But please understand that a man from birth is notnormally taught to feel, talk, or express themselves freely as say a female.Since the rearing of males has not changed that drastically for centuriesshould it still be surprising that the majority of males are still not up onthe “tell me your feelings” subject. There are many other questions thatfemales ask concerning males but these are just brief topics.

                Men aren’timmune as well. We have our own questions too. The majority of men wonder whythe pressure to up and marry so soon is so placed on them. What I mean is thatmen are a cyclist gender. What this means is that men run in cycles or phasesas they grow and mature. The cycle varies by every male but typically runs thesame. The phases go from momma boy, sponge, small man, playa, semi playa,decent money, exiting playa, husband material, family man, checking manhood,look back on life’s choices.  It’s truemales are hunters when it comes to female. But what is also true is that malesvalue strength and self confidence in a woman. When a male notices or isattracted to woman he’s attracted to how she carries her self. Whether sheholds herself in a negative or positive way. Another question that males facewith women is how they should approach them on more serious note. Men for themost part are not overly talkative or emotional sharing individuals.  Women want men to be authentic and open whenspeaking with them.  But often times,males would rather want to put on the banter of manhood to not risk showingweakness or softness. It’s not simply that men are unloving brutes but individualswho would love to be open without being seen less in the eyes of the female.

                It goeswithout saying that the sexes have been overlooking each others shoulders.  The good aspect about Steve Harvey’s noveland movie adaption is that it not only relates to African American males butfor other races as well. But with anything, ask if you feel lost intranslation. If you or a group of friends have had questions about the oppositesex, I would love to hear them as well. By the way, congratulations to Kris Harter on receiving his free copy ofmy latest novel, Never Again Would I.



Another One for the Racist Bullet

Posted by Ryan Johnson on April 7, 2012 at 8:30 PM Comments comments (0)

We have all heard racist commentshurled at many individuals of all racial groups. Sometimes it is doneunderneath and behind closed doors. Often times, we are bold enough to standforward and speak what the mind has been forecasting.  This could perhaps have lead to the recent extravagantobsession with racism in the media as of this moment. I’m not looking at thisfrom a media lens but a social one this time. The question I pose is why racistcomments or doings are still anticipated as surprising? Look, its 2012 and wewould all as a species would be ignorant to believe that comments and jokes arenot abundant.

I am of the opinion that racismstands and has stood as long as it has due to it serving two facets. One isthat it serves as a self esteem booster for a group of people. I say thisbecause of many examples through out history in which a downed and downtroddengroup of individuals look for something iconic or heroic or even a trait thatthey posses to elevate their own personal view of themselves. This leads to agroup of individuals who proclaim this trait or hero or icon to historicheights as a way to proclaim their dominance over others. We’ve seen thisduring the time of Germany and Hitler, Mussolini and Italy, and the racialriots in the sixties.  The ironic thingabout the facet of racism is that if you ask why a member of the group whoholds on to these beliefs as to why this trait about there race allows them todominate others, they answer in a robotic tone. It’s not one thinking for themselves but rather what a brainwashingcrank box protrudes to them. This false sense of self esteem makes even the mostgullible and innocent at heart partake in racial tirades. Ask yourself this,for any race at this moment, if one was take away a trait or figure from yourpersonal racist mantra, would you feel less about your race as a whole?  If you answered yes, then maybe the falsesense of invincibility that was your blanket was a lie to begin with from the beginning.

I also believe that the secondfacet that racism gets its legs from is that it is a great control tool. Unbelievableto understand at first. But digest this for a moment, when has a group of individualsgained and retained power without utilizing brainwashing racist antics and orfalse propaganda efforts.  Few and wide.  In order to control many you have to givethem a mental beatable enemy constantly to have them at war with something or someone.When this is ran over and over in the psyche of individuals, the person thentends to believe and run with these beliefs. It may not be ethical or moral butthen again racism doesn’t exist to please everybody.  As with the self esteem point discussedearlier, when you ask the individual why they believe these thoughts, they mayspit out a robotic answer that they probably don’t believe themselves.

Racism for whatever it does or forthe damage it produces, it is a great marketing strategy that doesn't showsigns of disappearing for a while. This is not to say that one should drink thejuice but rather to get into the habit of thinking for self. Self thought is alwaysthe sworn enemy of racist banter. 



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