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Who Said It Couldn't Be Done? by Denise Jones

Posted by Author D Leach on May 25, 2012 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)


One woman’s journey involving poverty, incest, drug addiction, incarceration and lesbianism to sobriety, spiritual redemption and inner peace.

Deep insecurity and inferiority, drug addiction and role confusion tormented me for many years. Often I wondered if I were a boy or a girl; if I were human or an animal. Who am I? What am I? Why am I?

In spite of all these obstacles, Denise grabbed hold to a seed of hope.

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Prescriptions of a Poet: Remedies of the Heart by L. C. Arrington

Posted by Author D Leach on May 25, 2012 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (0)

“Prescriptions of a Poet” is a collection of poetry that takes the reader on a journey through the heart’s experiences. To experience life is to experience all that comes with it, the balance of occurrence and lesson learned. Broken up into sections called case studies to address an issue of the heart; L. C. Arrington’s poetry tells a story of love lost and found, friends old and new and the definition of self; in a contemporary, honest, romantic, edgy, genuine and relatable way. Each section ends with a prescription to inspire. The importance of love and life is evident in every word. “Prescriptions of a Poet: Remedies of the Heart” was written to stir the soul, evoke emotions and provide inspiration amidst the ups and downs that life may bring. The poetry is the process; the prescription is the remedy of the heart.

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