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UBAWA's First Romance & Erotica Fiction Writing Contest - Entry # 6

Posted by Author D Leach on May 26, 2012 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (6)

Not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Contains some graphic and explicit material. Reader discretion is advised.

She walked in wearing high heels and a killer black dress that revealed her shapely thighs and calves, also the ample cleavage that was being held back barely by the stretched fabric. He was poised in the corner could not miss this beautiful creature who's scent was of honey and blossoms. Their eyes locked for only a second but the lust that was searing in their minds came to view. He walked over and had to introduce himself not wanting this sexy gorgeous lady to know he was very interested and not wanting to miss this once in a lifetime chance. She blushed and said hello as he whispered in her ear how sexy and hot she was and that he wanted to make her night unforgettable. She gave him a small smile and to his surprise squeezed his leg and said, “Oh Really. I think you’re the one who won't forget this night.”

His cock almost sprang out of his pants when he heard this but he was anticipating a very steamy evening ahead, he moved closer to her sliding his hands under her dress grabbing her bare ass which was covered with a thong, he ran his fingers along her delicious ass crack as she moved to him and squeezed his balls as the playfulness began. Their lips locked as the bit into each other's wet lusty hungry tongues and knew they had to go to a more private place. His car was close but he wanted to view this beauty in the full light and treat her to all that she and he would want and need. They went out the door hands cupping each other’s ass as people in the room knew he was one lucky guy. He opened the door to his car and let her in lifting her dress so he could see her tight ass in the light, she didn't seem to mind as she told him let me suck that cock right here and now. She pulled out his hard pole and slid her tongue around the thick head he almost lost it at that moment as she pulled his pants down and squeezed his cum-filled balls as he let lose a creamy load of precum she swallowed with a fury and looked up and smiled. And then whispered (I want more of that salty thick goo baby). He was losing control as he fucked her sweet moist tight lips like a wild man. But he had to taste that sweet pussy that was so wet now and filling the night air with heat and lust. He pulled her close and now in the alley he knelt under her, ripping off her black thong and sliding his hungry tongue in her shaven clit and pussy she squealed, as she bucked against the wall, he knew she was enjoying this as he slid 2 fingers in her wetness she wiggled her ass harder to his face as she laid down and begged to suck his massive cock. He slid his thick cock down her warm mouth and grabbed her long black hair pushing her down all the way on his shaft, she took it in like it was her last meal and then went under to suck his balls as he unleashed a load of precum onto her cheeks, she slid his cock onto the jizz and then back down her lusty cum loving lips sucking it hard, as he bit her clit she clamped down on his balls. He had to have this pussy around his cock and soon.

They got up as he pinned her against the wall her legs up high as he slid his cock into her wet pussy she sighed and moaned as he licked and sucked her ear and neck. She grabbed his firm ass and pulled him tighter, wanting his balls inside her as they fucked for all they had in them. She whispered in his ear, “drill my cunt hard and nasty fuck me doggy baby.” He almost came in her pussy at those words, but held back and smacked her creamy ass and bit her ear saying, “oo yeah I'll fuck you doggy but then I want to fill your tight hard ass.” She looked and nodded, “oo my yes she said I want you to fill my ass with that hard cock.”

She got on all 4 as he grabbed her tits and put his long cock inside her she moaned and grinded her ass to him as she played with his heavy balls. This was too heaven on earth he thought but as he fucked her pussy from behind he could see how sweet and tight that ass puckered as he filled it. He leaned down and played with her swollen clit and bit her neck. Screaming now that he wanted to fuck her amazing incredible ass. She spread her legs more as he slid his wet cock into her tight butt. “Damn” she said “it’s so thick, be careful.” He knew he could be at first but this was the tightest ass he had ever fucked and didn't know if he could control himself...she rode to his hard cock like a cowboy on a bronc. Taking all his depth and thickness in and screaming as he stretched her delicious asshole. This went on for 20 minutes as they groped and played with each other's nipples, ball, and her clit and pussy. He was so close to cumming and she had already cum 2 times she was begging to be filled with his hot load. So he slid 2 fingers in her dripping pussy to make the ass even tighter and begged her to tighten her ass muscles. She did as she came violently, he grabbed her tighter and let lose his hot steamy load into her asshole, pump after pump the cock unleashed as it gushed out her sweet ass. He was spent as she wanted to taste his sweaty cum covered cock. He turned her around and feed his salty goo to her as she sucked his pole and fondled his drained sac and balls he had one last spurt of cum for her as she let it slowly fill her mouth as she licked her lips loving the taste.

She smiled and asked, “So was it unforgettable baby?” as he sighed and nodded a big “Yes, it was” he licked her pussy till she came again and they knew the Steam was there and had been the best. Now he knew to always take a chance because you never know what might happen.


PLEASE NOTE: No part of this writing excerpt may be copied, distributed, or duplicated in any shape or form without written permission from the author. Any violations of such Copyright law of the above entry will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

UBAWA's First Romance & Erotica Fiction Writing Contest - Entry # 5

Posted by Author D Leach on May 25, 2012 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (5)

Not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Contains some graphic and explicit material. Reader discretion is advised.

“Traffic wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d thought it be tonight.” Saint said as he helped her out of his SUV. He held her hand tightly as they walked , “You wanted to see the snow.” He smiled and kissed her cheek. “In a week or two, there will be ice skaters over there.” Saint pointed to a small pond in the middle of the bustling downtown square. He grabbed her from behind, nestling his face in the cradle of her shoulder, squeezing her tightly. “Over there will be an entire storefront of high priced, artificial Christmas trees.” Xenia smiled widely, her heart beating a mile a minute as she felt his loving embrace.

“We better get going. They’re serving dinner, we need to make sure we aren’t late,” he laughed. Xenia nodded then looked around. “I wonder where we can dip real quick.”

Saint’s eyes grew wide. “Are you propositioning me for some quick screwing?” Saint asked, genuinely surprised.

“Yes, I am,” Xenia said as she pushed her breasts firmly into his chest. Saint looked at his watch. “As tempting as that is, we really need to get going.”

“Bawk! Bawk! Bawk! Chicken!” Xenia teased flapping her arms.

“You want my peppermint stick huh?” Saint asked as he abruptly tugged her arm, bringing her body back to his in a snap.

“Yes, I do, but it’s more like a Yule Log,” Xenia grinned.

Saint laughed as he took her hand. They walked briskly as he looked around trying to a spot. He pointed to a storage alley with no exit. “Come here,” he said as he led her to the back where a concrete enclosure blocked them. The snow blanketed their hair, glistening before it melted away.

“It’s so cold out here!” Xenia blurted as she started to second-guess herself.

“Oh, no. Don’t try to get cold feet now!” Saint said as he opened his coat and unzipped his pants.

“That’s the problem – my feet really are cold!” Xenia said, making a pitiful face.

“Too bad, Mrs. Claus. You should’ve thought about that. You’re about to see some silver balls, I mean, bells,” Saint said, unbuttoning her coat and pushing her dress around her waist. He ran his hands down her thighs, then cradled her panty-hose covered crotch. Saint took his car key and carefully ripped a small hole. He spread it wider with his hands. Xenia jumped as she felt his knuckles move across her pussy as he tore the hole a bit broader. Saint lifted her up, pressing her back firmly against the concrete wall, holding her steady with one hand. He quickly pulled his dick out of his boxers and guided himself inside her. He held her up with both hands, looking her in the eye as the snow continued to immerse them in preemptive holiday cheer. She moaned as he plunged inside. Cool air flowed out of their open mouths with each breath. Xenia’s excitement grew.

“You wanted your stockings stuffed,” Saint teased. “Are you my ho, ho, ho? Asking for an outside quickie then trying to back out. Oh, no, my Dear, you’ve been a naughty little girl. Santa is going to have to put you over his lap so you can meet his three wise men, my dick and his two sidekicks,” Saint continued to joke, making Xenia laugh as she tightly held onto him. She drew her face even closer to his with each thrust. “Damn, I love your dick!” Xenia moaned in his ear as she gripped him around his neck harder and harder, closing her eyes tightly. “Nothing like some good hot pussy on a cold night,” Saint said as he vehemently kissed her neck, sucking on it aggressively while he continued to pump. Saint churned his hips in slow, circular motions. Xenia opened her eyes to discover Saint staring at her. She could almost hear their heartbeats as the surroundings seemed to abruptly go mute. She brushed her lips against his as ringing bells of a Salvation Army collection bucket became the only outside noise allowed into the tiny world they’d just created.

She sucked seductively on his bottom lip as he stared at her so hard it felt like he was privately interviewing her soul. ‘God, he’s so sexy,’ Xenia thought as she felt her excitement building. Saint lowered his head onto her chest. He pushed in and out of her deeply, heaving and sighing loudly with each plunge.

“Mmm, Baby, I love you so much,” he uttered as he continued to move around inside her. Xenia squeezed him as her orgasm warmed her all over. She contorted, going limp in his arms. He held her tightly as he continued to drill upward. Her left high heel fell to the ground, soon covered by snow as the duo continued to make ardent love.

“So wet,” Saint panted. “You came all over my cock, and now it’s my turn.” Saint spurted, lunging and moaning until he had been milked dry by Xenia’s contracting pussy walls. They both sighed loudly and breathed heavily as their bodies pushed together, creating a small sliver of warmth in the cool air. Saint exhaled deeply, pulled out, reached down, and grabbed her shoe, then placed it on her foot and lowered her carefully back on her feet. He put his dick back into his underwear, quickly zipping up his pants. She pulled her bunched-up dress back down, shaking a little to release any wrinkles, then buttoned her coat back up. Saint took her by the hand, racing back to his parked car. He looked at the time. “Shit, we have to hurry,” he said as he opened her door, got in the car, and pulled away from the curb. Xenia looked over at him. In her mind, she was still in the alley being loved over and over again. She smiled at him listlessly, and then ran her fingers through the back of his hair. * * *


PLEASE NOTE: No part of this writing excerpt may be copied, distributed, or duplicated in any shape or form without written permission from the author. Any violations of such Copyright law of the above entry will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

UBAWA's First Romance & Erotica Fiction Writing Contest - Entry # 4

Posted by Author D Leach on May 25, 2012 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (3)

Not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Contains some graphic and explicit material. Reader discretion is advised.

Like the dawn creeping into a brand new day, I feel the urgency of his intent creeping into my mind…my body…my soul as the impact of every sensual stroke evokes a brand new nerve that is laced straight to my inner core. The carefully structured calculation of skin to skin takes me to an inner portal that I’ve never before entered, as my subconscious mind betrays me with unsolicited moans. The taste of love laced lust welcomes me here in this new place and encourages me to open myself to the limit to receive him entirely. The guttural moans and the sweet sexual banter in my ear implies that he favors that move and encourages me to supplement my actions with titillating gyrations of an exclusive kind. As he strokes in sync to inch versus minute, I feel the micro tremors begin to surface as I struggle to maintain my efforts to match his rhythm. I shudder as his fingers make contact with my crimson valley and proceed to rotate the apex, which in turn rotates my mind. I experience inner visions of purple, mauve and gold laced fusions of ecstasy as my mental coerces my vocals to bring forth song. With the accuracy of a GPS his tender succulent lips find the radiant peaks and delivers succulation to my ample mounds deeming them rainforest moist. The moisture…the steam double teamed me which prompted me to showcase octaves of a tenor nature. I know not the words to the song, just the melody of his pleasure that resounds within my soul. Yes me…this woman…my spirit so dancing on the edge, I lock eyes with him, imploring him to elevate the tempo. He obliges me by laying me down, so that we are vertical spoons and every sensation that I’ve never felt has introduced themselves to me. I feel myself continue to dance, writhing, performing the exact instructions of his finger tips. His movements seemed timed; fingers manipulating my apex, while he stroked within like the beat of a drum was calling him. I willed myself to focus…my energy giving me reason to believe that I Tina Ray heard his drums and I began to give in to their rhythm. We danced together in this sensual dance, so emulative of love, that I no longer could comprehend my whereabouts. He senses tuned into my excitement and sensed my fear of toppling over the edge at a moment’s notice. Keeping true to his primal nature; he went in for the kill. He gently positioned us to the edge of the bed; full moon and eclipse with free range to access it all. As the soft touch of his hand caressed the mounds, the other disciplined my engorgement with light spanks, as she’d become so unruly. I am in a crucial state of limbo now as the touches, the strokes begin to meld together and I respond with a new version of my song. The tremors have become quivers and the quivers become shakes as he whispers the sweet words of sexual fire that switches my pitch to alto. Uh...uh…uh…I chime as my breasts dance openly, freely. Uh…uh…uh… as the backside of me struggles to soak up the never ending flow of my own nectar. Ooo.ot...oh…I add to the chorus when he holds hostage one peak, left mound. And ah...ah…ah…aieeeee I sing vigorously as the last stance to my song is sung, and my mental decides to join in for a callabo changing the color palette of my mind to sapphire, gold and winter white. Winter white…at the end…bringing it all down, simmering…releasing as his fingers of magic caress my apexed valley, distributing the remnants of my flow equally amongst the folds and crevices. I semi give in to the sensation of spent as he gently releases himself and lays me tenderly on the bed. Before I cross over to the land of sation, I search and lock eyes with him. Suddenly the micro tremors resurface; and as he takes heed to redistribute the nectar evenly…fairly, I hear the distant rhythm of his drums…I recollect the melody in my mind, and his fingers evoke a new eruption…a new flow…and I tell myself…Round 2..the remix.


PLEASE NOTE: No part of this writing excerpt may be copied, distributed, or duplicated in any shape or form without written permission from the author. Any violations of such Copyright law of the above entry will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

UBAWA's First Romance & Erotica Fiction Writing Contest - Entry # 3

Posted by Author D Leach on May 23, 2012 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (41)

Not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Contains some graphic and explicit material. Reader discretion is advised.

Deiondrick is a man that desires his wife Eboni as he does his

breath of life. He’s gathering his belongings to head home

from work to his love that he’s promised that he’d love in every

way possible, mind, body and soul until death do them part.

Eboni’s a woman that would do anything to please her

beloved husband. She loves everything about him and

enjoyes being wrapped in his massive embrace and running

her fingers across his chiseled chest and waking up next to his

warm body every morning. The car pulls up into the driveway.

Eboni has candles and a variety of aphrodisiacs ready for

them to devour. She peaks out of the window; watching him

stroll up the sidewalk to the front door, the door swings open.

He gazes around and takes observation that his Black Eboni

Diamond has the indistinguishable thought on her mind as he

has on his, but they’re still saying nothing they just do what

comes natural. There are rose petals and candles along the

floor leading to the master bathroom. She extends her slender

hand for him to take hold. He proceeds to follow his wife

without any caution. Once they’ve reached their destination

there’s more treats for their sensual taste buds.

Eboni’s standing there in a sexy little sheer red and black lace

lingerie with her hair in curls as he likes. Their silhouettes are

twinkling as one on the wall with the candlelight given minimal

illumination to the room. Deiondrick steps back to look at

Eboni. She’s eager to give a private showing of what she’s

wearing. Her husband desires her more now. She unties his

necktie and unbuttons his shirt, as it hits the floor so does his

gray trousers and briefs along with her nighties. Eboni escorts

him to the cylindrical shaped tub that’s filled with roses and

bubbles with two wine goblets filled with red wine.

They’re still silent, but their body language speaks for them.

Eboni slides her nude shapely physique down into the steamy

water and Deiondrick does the identical thing. They’re

wrapped up in complete seventh heaven. Eboni slides closer

to Deiondrick so that their lips can share some juicy chocolate

covered strawberries. His hand gently glides over her firm,

plump and full breast. They’re just enough to enter his warm

awaiting mouth. She’s encouraging his every touch.

The juice from the strawberries scurries down her chin; then

falls onto her breast. Deiondrick places his lips where the tasty

juice has fallen. He gently tilts Eboni’s head back. She

surrenders totally to the warmth of his tongues sliding up and

down her neck. She moans from the lasciviousness that’s

taking over her petite body. With his free hand he uses it to

explore the rest of her anatomy. Eboni then mounts her

husband Deiondrick like a professional jokey and he’s a welltrained

prized stallion that knew his purpose of this exhibition.

The motion in the bath that they’re creating as the temperature

was rising between them. It was causing perilous waves in the

water. Eboni holds on for dear life, not wanting to be

dismounted from her wild bucking bronco. His hands are on

the small of her back. Droplets of perspiration has formed on

their eyebrows was from the work that was going on in this

arena. Deiondrick decided that he’s had enough water polo for

the evening. So he guides the love of his life to a more

suitable surface with less movement. Eboni embraced the

idea of allowing her man to take control of their stimulating

odyssey of sultry interconnection.

Eboni’s body was in rhythmic motion to what he was playing.

He was really strumming every caliber of her titillating frame

as he would any stringed instrument. Eboni placed his hands

along her sculpted thighs; he didn’t mind the directing from his

wife. He crowned her like a King does in an intense game of

chess that takes down his clever opponent. Eboni screams out

in euphoria unleashing her ardor into the atmosphere. They

peered into each other’s deep soul as their two bodies begins

to convulse in an electrifying climactic ecstasy.


PLEASE NOTE: No part of this writing excerpt may be copied, distributed, or duplicated in any shape or form without written permission from the author. Any violations of such Copyright law of the above entry will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

UBAWA's First Romance & Erotica Fiction Writing Contest - Entry # 1

Posted by Author D Leach on May 22, 2012 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (9)

Not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Contains some graphic and explicit material. Reader discretion is advised.

Jalil carried me to the private room, which was mercifully only a few feet away. He sat me down in a chair, where Cinnamon loosened the ropes from behind my back, only to bind them against the arms while binding my ankles to the legs. My thighs were still parted, enough to keep my pussy exposed, but with no way to play with myself while she fucked my husband.

She sat Jalil down on a love seat that sat across from the chair I sat in. She then began a strip tease, using the slip dress that clung to her body long enough to have him spring back to life in an instant. I involuntarily shook my head, in too much shock to speak because I wasn’t sure if I was as ready as I thought I was for this moment.

“Be careful what you wish for,” she teased as she began to slide down on his lap, making me watch as her lips slid across his dick. “This is my dick now.”

I felt the heat rising in my face as she proudly proclaimed her property for that moment in time, trying frantically to stifle the rage that came with the fleeting jealousy that quickly gave way to the reality that my fantasy was coming true right before my eyes.

I continued to squirm in my temporary prison, struggling to watch Jalil’s face as she rode him relentlessly. Every time I tried, Cinnamon moved to block my view, letting me know she was the one in control. My only consolation was the delicious moans and grunts coming from behind her, letting me know that my darling husband was having the time of his life.

“Enjoying the show, Toni?” she mercilessly teased, gyrating her luscious hips with a fervor that made me secretly wonder if she was trying to make him hers. “Ready to watch me come all over this dick?”

I was so hypnotized by the sight that it was all I could do to nod my head, a slight moan escaping my lips where the word “yes” should have made its presence. I gripped the arms tightly as I tried to grind against the rope that still gripped my clit, hoping desperately to climax before she did. I cried out as the rope burns on my wrists and ankles cut deeper into my skin, but I couldn’t break the eye contact between she and I as she got into a rhythm, increasing the pace of his strokes as her full weight is on top of him, consuming his full length.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming!” she screamed, gripping his thighs to steady herself as waves crashed through her body. She slid off his hips and clumsily walked over to me, dropping to her knees to free me from my binds. Once I was free, she crawled back to where my husband was on the love seat and lay on her back on the other side next to him, pulling Jalil on top of her. “Now fuck me like you fuck her!”

Jalil never glanced in my direction as his focus was completely on her and digging as deeply inside of her as he could physically muster. Cinnamon growled and screamed as he drove deep and hard, her nails raking his back with such intensity that she broke his skin, drawing blood as she urged him on.

“That’s it, baby, fuck me good!” she cheered, bracing for the impact of each down stroke that he gives her. “Beat that pussy up, baby!”

Even though I was free from my rope laced prison, I was paralyzed in lust as I watched his eyes, watched his body as he crashed down on top of her, his full weight consuming her, holding her hostage the way he holds me hostage every time we fuck.

“That’s it, baby, you’re gonna come for me, aren’t you?” she teased, squeezing her legs around his back. “Yeah, pull it out and come all over my pussy!”

His primal growls alerted me that he was mere seconds away from release. Cinnamon felt him tightening up, too, because she yelled out, “Take it out and come on me! Now!”

PLEASE NOTE: No part of this writing excerpt may be copied, distributed, or duplicated in any shape or form without written permission from the author. Any violations of such Copyright law of the above entry will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

UBAWA's First Romance & Erotica Fiction Writing Contest - Entry # 2

Posted by Author D Leach on May 22, 2012 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (3)

Not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Contains some graphic and explicit material. Reader discretion is advised.

Dear Confessional:

I do not know what has cum in me…I mean over me. Yesterday I met with my fellow Law school classmate Ronsheem, at his home that he shared with his identical twin brother, Ronkeab, to study for the bar exam. Studying at Ronsheem’s was very relaxing and peaceful; in fact, studying it wasn’t as tedious as I anticipated. Usually Ronsheem and I studied at my apartment or the University Library so I never had the pleasure of meeting his brother. My opportunity arose when Ronkeab crashed our study session just as Ronsheem and I were ready to take a short break.

Seeing the twins together, side-by-side, made my clit thump and my insides quiver. I was transfixed by their ebony complexion so clear and shiny that I could see my own image in their skin. Being in the company of not one, but two, intellectual, statuesque, broad chest, Black men ignited my hormones with such intensity for the first time I climaxed with no physical stimulation. Needing to get myself together, I excused myself, fleeing to the restroom. After sitting long enough to comprehend what I just experienced, I absolved my mind as well as my pussy.

I joined the twins once more, this time, with more restraint. We discussed their plans to open a community facility that would consist of educational and recreational programs. I enthusiastically expressed my desire to start a woman’s support group that would address women’s issues and provide resources necessary to empower them. Keeping on schedule, Ronkeab left Ronsheem and me to our studies.

Still a nervous from my secret episode earlier, I clumsily knocked over a jar of pencils. I immediately got down on the floor to retrieve the pencils. I was getting off the floor when I bumped my head on something long and hard. Ronsheem’s dick and my face met for the first time. Dropping the pencils once again, I moistened his dick with deep slow hard mouth strokes. I think I was so into it, I almost didn’t notice as Ronkeab came into the room hiking my dress over my apple bottom, moving my thong over to the side, and sticking his firm tongue in and out of my ass. I could not actually be intimate with two men at the same time —could I?

“Yesss! Yesss! Yesss!” I moaned as Ronkeab made my knees shake. His tongue fully provoked a clitoral orgasm that exploded in his mouth. I must admit, being celibate for almost two years has turned me into a slut. However, what I was feeling was indisputable. Just as I climaxed, Ronsheem joined me, panting as he ejaculated. I could taste him all over my lips. Since Ronsheem and I both had the pleasure of cumming it was only fair that Ronkeab share in the pleasure. I put the magnum gold on Ronkeab’s dick with my mouth. Then I got on all fours with my ass perched in the air. Ronkeab spread my ass cheeks apart, saliva poured from his mouth into the crease of my ass. His warm saliva wet my pussy. His dick inside my walls felt even better than his head. He fucked me with long slow strokes as he played with my clit assuring that I received as much pleasure as he did. I placed my own breast in my mouth and flicked my tongue on my nipple and before I knew it, Ronkeab too, had climaxed and was ready to let his brother take his turn inside my love nest. I was all in until someone began violently shaking me and yelling my name.

Who the hell is interrupting my mini orgy? I turned to see who could be so inconsiderate when I realized I had been out for the count. The twins explained to me that I hit my head on the table pretty hard when I was getting up from picking up the pencils. I had been unconscious for a half hour or so. I was disappointed and relieved at the same time. All of the pleasure I had experienced was only a very vivid and pleasant dream.

PLEASE NOTE: No part of this writing excerpt may be copied, distributed, or duplicated in any shape or form without written permission from the author. Any violations of such Copyright law of the above entry will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Posted by Author D Leach on May 21, 2012 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (1)

Think you can construct the best sex scene? Put your imagination and skill to the test by participating in UBAWA'S 1st Romance & Erotica Fiction Contest. Entries must be no more than 700 words and submitted to [email protected] no later than May 25. For more information and prize details, please visit our website at www.theofficialauthorscorner.webs.com

Entries will be critiqued and judged on the following:

-Creativity (25%)

-Originality (25%)

-Suspense (25%)

-Connection to the Readers (25%)

On June 8 2012, ONE winner will be selected and will receive the following in prizes.

$-One year free promotion on our site

$- 2 Free Erotica/Romance Novels valued at $25

$- One free booth at UBAWA’s First Annual Book Fair

$- VIP at UBAWA’S Local Bookstore Grand Opening

$- Recognition at UBAWA’s 2nd Anniversary Celebration & Awards Show

Become a member at www.theofficialauthorscorner.webs.com for information on other contests, free promotion, and online features.


Posted by Author D Leach on July 18, 2011 at 12:52 PM Comments comments (1)



What could it be about these hustlers that call me..Could it be the timbs, the slang the look.

Or is it the hook that hang between their legs? Their they go standing on the street corner,

and all I want to do is fuck each and every one of you...I picture myself surrounded by four -

begging to get at all of ya'll...As each one makes me suck his dick, from my pussy walls I

drip. One lays his tongue on my breast the other pulls my hair as he puts that monster down my

throat. The other I sit on his face as I'm glad he decides to have a taste, as I grind my pussy

all in his face I'm deep throating one, stroking the other, one on my breast and the other is

riding me from behind could it get any better fucking all at one time...In and out- out and in

one in my mouth the other in my twin, as my walls accept each and every one dick all I can

do is clap and hope to repeat this shit agin....IT'S THE FEMALE HU$TLER IN ME....

One Cup of Sugar by FAYE KELLY

Posted by Author D Leach on July 18, 2011 at 12:37 PM Comments comments (0)

Sugar returns home from work...


"What the hell is going on, Black? You've been cheating on me with this B_ _ _h? You know this chick?"


"She's our new next door neighbor; her name is Coco, who just moved in. She borrowed a cup of sugar?"

"So that's why you came to the door all sweaty yesterday," Sugar exclaimed. Coco and Black gazed into each other's eye...Sugar caught it.


"Can I have my earring?" Coco asked. Sugar threw the earring down and stomped it. "You want a cup of sugar, b_ __ _h?" Sugar made a fist and punched Coco in the face. Coco fell to the ground -- she was lying flat on her ass; she got up, but Sugar knocked her back down and began to drag her by her hair to her apartment next door. "There's your cup of sugar." Coco got up and limped towards the door. "Don't bring your ass back here anymore -- if you do, I will give you some more sugar." Sugar turned around and slapped Black with all of her might. His nose started to bleed. Tears rolled out of her eyes, her nose began to run and her mouth filled with saliva. She could hardly talk. She shot him a detestable glance and said, "How could you? I accepted you into my home and showed you nothing but love -- how could you play me out like that? I'm working my ass off trying to save for our wedding. I'm leaving," she exclaimed. "I'd rather go to work than to stay here with you and look at you. Unfaithful ass, but when I return, I better see you gone with your sh__ t.”


"Com on, baby. It was just a piece of ass?"

"Get out my house, Black." Sugar got dressed and went to work.


He ran to the garage and said, "This will be the last time that you will ever have to go through something like this."

"That's right!" she cried out. "This will be the last time that I have to deal with infidelity from you. Get out of my house.”


"I guess you did not love me, Sugar." The garage door opens and then she began to back out in her Cadillac. Black asked her again. "Do you love me?"


"You screwed another woman in my house and you are standing there asking me if I love you?" When Sugar was about a half a mile away, she stopped to make a U-Turn to return home. She remembered that she had left her money behind a brick in the wall under her bed. Black was the only one that knew where it was. No more than a half a mile away, she began to sputter these words:

"My money, no, do not take my money. I have to get my money."

When she was a block away from her house, she saw Coca going into her house, again. She quickly parked the car a block away, got out, and then swiftly ran to her house. She went in and saw Black and Coco on the couch grinding to the sweet sound of "You Keep Turning Me On," by Lil Dean. They did not hear her coming in. She took off her heels...




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