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An Excerpt from Make a Wish by Tina Ray

Posted by Author D Leach on August 1, 2012 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)



Ain’t this some shit right here. This mutha’ fucka gotta be out his rabbit-assed mind, fucking calling after the shit that just went down. Shady ass mutha' fucka probably looking for some damn sympathy about his eye knowing damn well Nube soft-hearted and not gonna just blow him off, since he supposed to be so injured and all. Sheeeiit…this nigga don’t know… his ass got off light. Damn…let me exhale I thought as I turned and clutched the railing on the balcony. Let me stop and get myself together and think this thing out. We just talked about this in the truck on the way home…Trey is not a threat to me as far as she’s concerned. Yeah and I believe her…he not a threat…but he certainly is a fucking aggravation. I’m saying come on…shit is over…accept that and move the fuck on. I mean, I can understand the grief over his loss, cause Nube is a fucking jewel, but sorry son…your ignorance on the value of rare gems is not my problem. In fact your ignorance is my blessing.

I made a point to check my watch and noted that 2.5 minutes had passed and noticed that she’d taken a seat on the bed, still very much in deep conversation. She did seem like she was annoyed herself and that right there kind of took it in another direction. I’m saying…that’s my fucking lady right there, and I don’t take kindly to nobody wearing on her nerves. But…she asked me to give her 5 and I’m gonna give her that cause she asked. I stood out on the balcony letting the time wind down before I returned inside and silently motioned to my wrist letting her know that time was up. She held up one finger in a motion to say 1 more minute. Yeah right…picture that…nigga on the phone blocking on my fucking time no less. The agreement was 5…and 5 only. I came over and sat next to her on the bed and leaned over and kissed her. She continued talking and so I kissed her again, then proceeded down her neck. I reached over and grabbed her legs from under her positioning her on her back as she continued to talk, “Trey…that is so not how I remember things at all. You know that you used to …”

I took a deep breath, exhaled and continued on with what I was doing…like I said this, my fucking time right here. I continued to kiss her softly on her neck and unbuttoned her blouse as I proceeded to make my way down towards them peaks and valleys I’d envisioned earlier. Bingo…she had on a bra that had the closure in the front and I unsnapped it and released the restraints. I touched gently, slowly then kissed gently…slowly. Her breathing began to change and she began to lose focus on the words of the conversation.

“Trey…uhm…well…no…but then again…” I smiled inside as I continued to utilize my time and took the right nipple in my mouth. Her body jerked upward and she feebly raised her finger again as if to say…please…just 1 minute.

“Trey…listen…I really was…I mean really…in the middle of something…important. What…no…how you gonna take it there. I was not the one who constantly had distractions…you was the one….”

Okay…whatever he talking done recaptured her attention so I need to get this back to where it needs to be. Opportunity was definitely on my side today as she had on an elastic waist gypsy skirt that I slowly rolled down as I kissed licked and nibbled her abdomen. Once I got to the hipline, I scooped up the panties with the skirt and rolled away the whole kit and caboodle. She raised her eyebrows at me, yet continued to talk.


“Trey…going back and forth on events in the past is so irrelevant to today. You just need to…”

With me freeing up the southern hemisphere, I reached down to lick and kiss her knees. She jumped a little, then tensed up. Oh no…we can’t have that. I know just what to do to get her to relax. I let my tongue do a slow dance behind her knees, than brought it back around to her inner thighs. I kissed slowly, purposefully and accurately as her broken conversation informed me of my progress.

“Trey…okay…well just let me…uhm…well you…I’m trynna….”

Look like this nigga got a hard time understanding she got shit to do. Guess I’m gonna have to help his ass out. I licked and kissed the inner thighs, teasing and nibbling, my tongue making its way slowly up to the treasure building the momentum along the way.

She tried to get a grip and excuse herself on the phone with, “I’ve…really…got to go…Trey…”

He could have gotten his ass off the phone or she could have hung up…but since they didn’t…wasn’t gonna let them continue to impede on my time. I reached my destination and took my first swipe to which she let go an unmistakable moan. I took my second, my third, and my fourth swipe to which she flat out moaned in 3-D. I paused for a minute then went in deep for the nibble and nips to which she completely submitted herself with the all-out moans and calling my name. As her arms flailed to her side removing the phone from her ear, I reached up and took the cell phone from her hand. As I licked, sucked and teased her into the moans that I like to hear, I brought the cell phone right on down front and center to all the action and began to deliver some of my best work in sensor-round. I made sure to include all the special effects of the wet gushes of slurping, sucking, licking, splashing and the whole nine, all the while her intense moans served as the backdrop.

Once I knew that the full effect had been established, I paused, put the phone to my ear and said, “Yo Money…she busy.”

I rose up slid the phone closed and tossed it onto the dresser. I proceeded to lose my attire as she lay on the bed looking up at me like “how could you?” So I looked back down at her with my own look that said, “you had ya 5…this my time.” And now that we got that all out the way, I reached under her to cup them sweet checks, slid ole’ boy up inside of her and proceeded to knock that shit down …like there was no tomorrow.


Posted by Author D Leach on July 11, 2012 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)


Nine Lives

6~Days only to whist out the game

of a mouse chase that is

forbidden in

the cat's eye


with envy

5~O'clock time to change the linens

on the bed because the

cat has been bad

tearing holes in the sheets

clawing again~Repeats


the cat

is hungry. . .

Until Morning Comes by Joyce Oscar

Posted by Author D Leach on May 15, 2012 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (0)

The last time I saw him

he lie comfortably within my arms.

The heat from each breath he took

ignited my soul

and each pant became

a part of my existence.

I can still feel the wetness of his lips

as they took form to the curve

of my breast.

Each kiss fell softly,


and unhurriedly.

Now unable to sleep, I sit by the window.

With my questioning eyes

peering towards the stars,

I am consumed with the memories

of our last sunset.

The essence of jasmine filled the air

while bodies of candlelight

danced against the windows.

It was at that moment that

I felt comfort.

I still hear the sounds of the raindrops

as they fell lightly upon the rooftop.

They seemed to dance to the rhythm

of our beating hearts, producing

an exquisite song of passion.

Then he turned, and with his rest

seemingly undisturbed, he pulled

me into his slumber.

It was at that moment that I felt love.

Yes the last time I saw him,

his body laid wrapped in the moonlight.

And I am continually haunted

by the memory of him

until morning comes.

Urban Writers 2012

Posted by Ryan Johnson on May 8, 2012 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (0)

The urban genre writing format has a lot of negative connotations to it. For some there are a lot of misconceptions about the genre itself. Most surprisingly the audience that it most targets has issues as well with it at times. Even some big box retailers take a somewhat hesitant approach to the writing. Some of the misconceptions that I believe stand out when it comes to urban writing is the qualifications, the audience, and the marketability of the writing itself.

Many ask what the qualification to be an urban writer is. The funny thing is the qualifications for urban writing don’t differ that most than those of other genres qualifications. Yes, some of the best pieces have come from those who have seen it and been through it. But you don’t necessarily have to be brought up in poverty to not know how it looks and feels. Many readers or outsiders believe that many urban writers gained their skills while being locked up in prison or in the ghetto. Again, there are many notable urban authors who wrote through experiences interviewing inmates and speaking with those of lesser socioeconomic status. Asking one what does it take to write an urban novel is like asking a best seller if you have what it takes to write one yourself? I will say that you should write what you know. But if your creativity allows you to expand and create worlds then by all means I’m all for it.

Another misconception about urban writers is that it is only written for African Americans. First off, urban fiction gets its name for inner city dramatic writing. Hence the word, urban. And in the city there are every shade of people. Urban novels aren’t only regulated to hair salons and Sunday afternoons readings but across seas as well. People of every social status and education level enjoy the urban tales. I had the privilege recently to volunteer at the National Black Book Festival last year. And at the fair I noticed Jewish, Hispanic, and Caucasian writers setting up booths and greeting fans. There wasn’t much a difference from there booth than those of African Americans. In fact, the patrons who visited the fair were of every different race as well. This shows that the writing while written mostly by African Americans isn’t solely for them as well.

A very important misconception at least to me, is the marketability that people give urban writers. Big book carriers assume that it is hard to market or carry urban novels. As of right now, there are at least five urban writers who are best sellers. Some of them are New York Bestsellers. Some of these writers have surpassed what is commonly specified at best seller. Many urban authors are receiving five to six figure deals to produce works of arts. Urban literature reaches an audience of at least 50 million potential readers. African Americans alone will be valued to hold at least a trillion in buying power by 2015. With three years till then I believe that a genre that is written mostly by this group cannot be possibly ignored. What is not commonly shown or brought to the surface is the number of urban fiction book fairs that take place every year in the US. For the year 2012 alone, almost twenty book fairs are booked in cities. What is worth urban fiction is not only regulated to non-fiction but to religion, sci fi, and mystery. Therefore there is definitely marketing opportunities within the genre.

Rebuttal to Think Like a Man

Posted by Ryan Johnson on April 22, 2012 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)

                Withthe dropping of Steve Harvey’s novel turned movie, a lot of questions have now arose.Women are asking more of those behind the door questions about what do menthink about. Men are doing the same as well. Both sexes have always wonderedwhat goes in the circles of the opposite gender.  The ironic thing about the concept is that noone is one true expert in the field.  Weonly have our assumptions. This week’s writing will focus on questions thatboth sides ask in their own gender’s circle.

                We’llfirst start with the ladies. Women will ask if sex is something that mustalways be on the minds of men. No and yes. No, because sex is something thatdips in and out of the male psyche but not as much as you think. It’s like aswitch that turns on and off. At the same time yes, because sex is somethingthat many males use to grade themselves. Another inquiry women may ask is thequestion of marriage. The concept of marriage is not something foreign ornecessarily scary for a man. It’s the hope that he has made the right decisionor has chosen the right female. But to elaborate on that topic, a man is neverone for the pressure or guilt tripping into marriage agenda. Questions thatmany women ask themselves are if they are cut enough, fit enough, educatedenough, or tall enough. This is something that can be really annoying. I saythis to say that confidence in a woman is a trait that can’t be learned butsomething that has to be in you.  There’ssomething about confidence in a woman that can override so many other unimportantbeliefs.  Women want communication frommen. Understandable. But please understand that a man from birth is notnormally taught to feel, talk, or express themselves freely as say a female.Since the rearing of males has not changed that drastically for centuriesshould it still be surprising that the majority of males are still not up onthe “tell me your feelings” subject. There are many other questions thatfemales ask concerning males but these are just brief topics.

                Men aren’timmune as well. We have our own questions too. The majority of men wonder whythe pressure to up and marry so soon is so placed on them. What I mean is thatmen are a cyclist gender. What this means is that men run in cycles or phasesas they grow and mature. The cycle varies by every male but typically runs thesame. The phases go from momma boy, sponge, small man, playa, semi playa,decent money, exiting playa, husband material, family man, checking manhood,look back on life’s choices.  It’s truemales are hunters when it comes to female. But what is also true is that malesvalue strength and self confidence in a woman. When a male notices or isattracted to woman he’s attracted to how she carries her self. Whether sheholds herself in a negative or positive way. Another question that males facewith women is how they should approach them on more serious note. Men for themost part are not overly talkative or emotional sharing individuals.  Women want men to be authentic and open whenspeaking with them.  But often times,males would rather want to put on the banter of manhood to not risk showingweakness or softness. It’s not simply that men are unloving brutes but individualswho would love to be open without being seen less in the eyes of the female.

                It goeswithout saying that the sexes have been overlooking each others shoulders.  The good aspect about Steve Harvey’s noveland movie adaption is that it not only relates to African American males butfor other races as well. But with anything, ask if you feel lost intranslation. If you or a group of friends have had questions about the oppositesex, I would love to hear them as well. By the way, congratulations to Kris Harter on receiving his free copy ofmy latest novel, Never Again Would I.



Another One for the Racist Bullet

Posted by Ryan Johnson on April 7, 2012 at 8:30 PM Comments comments (0)

We have all heard racist commentshurled at many individuals of all racial groups. Sometimes it is doneunderneath and behind closed doors. Often times, we are bold enough to standforward and speak what the mind has been forecasting.  This could perhaps have lead to the recent extravagantobsession with racism in the media as of this moment. I’m not looking at thisfrom a media lens but a social one this time. The question I pose is why racistcomments or doings are still anticipated as surprising? Look, its 2012 and wewould all as a species would be ignorant to believe that comments and jokes arenot abundant.

I am of the opinion that racismstands and has stood as long as it has due to it serving two facets. One isthat it serves as a self esteem booster for a group of people. I say thisbecause of many examples through out history in which a downed and downtroddengroup of individuals look for something iconic or heroic or even a trait thatthey posses to elevate their own personal view of themselves. This leads to agroup of individuals who proclaim this trait or hero or icon to historicheights as a way to proclaim their dominance over others. We’ve seen thisduring the time of Germany and Hitler, Mussolini and Italy, and the racialriots in the sixties.  The ironic thingabout the facet of racism is that if you ask why a member of the group whoholds on to these beliefs as to why this trait about there race allows them todominate others, they answer in a robotic tone. It’s not one thinking for themselves but rather what a brainwashingcrank box protrudes to them. This false sense of self esteem makes even the mostgullible and innocent at heart partake in racial tirades. Ask yourself this,for any race at this moment, if one was take away a trait or figure from yourpersonal racist mantra, would you feel less about your race as a whole?  If you answered yes, then maybe the falsesense of invincibility that was your blanket was a lie to begin with from the beginning.

I also believe that the secondfacet that racism gets its legs from is that it is a great control tool. Unbelievableto understand at first. But digest this for a moment, when has a group of individualsgained and retained power without utilizing brainwashing racist antics and orfalse propaganda efforts.  Few and wide.  In order to control many you have to givethem a mental beatable enemy constantly to have them at war with something or someone.When this is ran over and over in the psyche of individuals, the person thentends to believe and run with these beliefs. It may not be ethical or moral butthen again racism doesn’t exist to please everybody.  As with the self esteem point discussedearlier, when you ask the individual why they believe these thoughts, they mayspit out a robotic answer that they probably don’t believe themselves.

Racism for whatever it does or forthe damage it produces, it is a great marketing strategy that doesn't showsigns of disappearing for a while. This is not to say that one should drink thejuice but rather to get into the habit of thinking for self. Self thought is alwaysthe sworn enemy of racist banter. 


Blue Elephants and Red Donkeys

Posted by Ryan Johnson on March 18, 2012 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Anyone looking at this year’s political battle can honestlysay that this presidential mud bath is amusing. From public political betsbetween republican hopefuls to recanting statements, the race has beeninteresting.  I could be wrong when Istate that in my opinion this race is almost reminiscent of 2004.  You know what I’m talking about; the manytimes baffled mouthed Bush against Kerry. But what I invite you the reader to further research is that these candidatesare still politicians. My focus for this blog is to bring voters down to earthand understand that you have to hold politicians for their mistakes. The timeof acting surprised is way past due my friends.

                Whatmakes a good candidate in your eyes? Is it the education, family up bring or thetraditional baby kissing Kodak moment? If we attack the issue from this angle then from this point all the candidateshave good upbringings, education, and connections. President Obama is theproduct of a biracial relationship and had to persevere through a biraciallifestyle to achieve where he is now. His education includes degrees from ahighly distinguished university.  Mr.Santorum holds degrees in law and business from highly ranked programs.  His family life includes seven children andis a devout Roman Catholic.  Finally, Mr.Rommeny’s education includes a business and law degree from private schools. Heis a product of immigrants who came here years ago.  Why do I point certain aspects of theseindividuals life? It is because often time’s voters don’t research a candidate,whether; they go for the social media hype and celebrity endorsements. Oftentimes the glitz and glamour can daze the eyes and cloud judgment. This isn’t anattack on the character of the candidates whether placing the candidates on displayin the public front.

                Promisesare something that voters hold dear and near to their heart. Every four yearthe political pony winds up and comes to rural and major urban towns. With thiscircus includes the animals, the ring leader, and the audience.  And what every circus comes with is promisesof how if elected the ring leader can lead the country to dominance. As withrelationships, voters feel betrayed if canidates fail to deliver on their allegedpromise. A HUGE news flash readers, they’re POLITICIANS. Yes, many start offwanting to seriously help but at the end of the day that senator or presidentis looking to seek another term. And yes, this includes making and breakingpromises. Its part of the political grand scheme.

                I want to end this week’s blog with simply a reminder to be a detective whenlooking into politics. Always be careful to examine someone in a full 360 view.You as a voter reserve and have the right to question candidates far as stands,education, personal beliefs, and their track record. I believe that asAmericans we tend to feed on frenzy and hype instead of slowing down andlooking behind the camera for answers. And I must admit I am of all peopleguilty of jumping when shots are fired and finding out it was just firecrackers. All in all folks happy voting and please don’t forget to get outthere and examine politics. Remember, these are individuals that WE put inoffic

In Today's News: New Tyrants

Posted by Ryan Johnson on March 11, 2012 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (0)

A topic I love writing on is the power of the media and howquick we rush to believe it. This is because I have always been entertained as howthe media has the power to make or break you. Determine who is gay today and asex symbol tomorrow. Or my personal favorite, who is enemy number one as far associety, is concerned.  As you can tell Iam referring to the newest media infatuation, Mr. Kony. Mr. Kony has risen tomedia and social premise almost exactly a week ago. The former Ugandanpresident has been accused of sex enslavement, child solder recruitment, andmass genocide committed against his own people. Now, these allegations are most shocking at the least. But what I focus alot more on is why was this individual out of many tyrants picked? What’s thereal reason behind his media obsession? And what is this organization that issupposedly on the fighting lines for the Ugandan people?

                Theissue I have with this whole Konya situation is how quick the media jumped onthis and made it even bigger. You may say, but look at the video.  I have. You may say, but didn’t you see whathe did? I read the allegations he was accused of. But I say to you, if I was onYouTube for a mass murder and a thirty minute tape was made about it, would youbelieve it?  What I challenge is this; doyou believe what the media tells you? Because I have a hard time believing that Mr. Kony is the only tyrant ordictator in Africa who has committed high crimes against his people. The mediaas I will always state is whole different monster in itself. Mr. Kony will receivehis fifteen minutes for two weeks and then will be replaced by a new terroristthreat in a Middle Eastern country. Another question I pose as well is why isfootage from years ago being used to pose as events that occurred last week togarner sympathy? Is this the making of another reason to invade another country?  Again, these are just questions that I pose.

                I don’tbelieve that I’m being non sympathetic to issues that plagued Uganda. For centuriesAfrica has been in a power stronghold. Social issues from apartheid to AIDS prevention have plagued the continent. I believe that I am simply making apoint that if someone or something is horrible then we should thoroughly assesit instead of slipping it between sales for Wal-Mart and the latest Hollywoodgossip. It always tickles me as to how serious celebrities come out in drovesto show support but they have no really valid idea as to why they are evenparticipating in the first place.  Theorganizations that pledge to help are even more suspect to me. Show a raise ofhands if you have seen the same little girl in Ecuador with no shoes andwalking ten miles to school last night that was shown ten years ago. It bothersme how we support theses groups but never know what there intentions are. This placesvalid human services groups such as UNICEF, Red Cross, or the Salvation Army inthe same choppy waters.

                Alwaysdo your best to exam issues or claims thoroughly before going off the deep end.If not, you could be liable to drink the juice and pass out alongside the others.  Also, examine these humanservices groups and hold them accountable. There is absoulutely no problem withquestioning ones motives or beliefs. I believe many times we are afraid toquestion something or someone because it may seem as if we are beingdisrespectful. It’s not being disrespectful but rather wanting do your ownresearch on social issues.



The Audacity of Persevearence

Posted by Ryan Johnson on February 29, 2012 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Times are hard aren’t they? It’s not just a simple saying anymore. Hundreds of thousands of graduates are pouring out of schools every year. And every year many graduates are coming to the realization that this isn’t your parent’s times. What I mean is that you have to now carry something special called perseverance. I’m also including those who have been laid off or are simply choosing a new career path in their life right now. Perseverance, believe or not, is something that can take you far in life. I’m not stating that life is easier just because you refuse to give up but it’s a good learning curve.

I like to use examples from my life to help aid when making points. Recently I moved up north from Texas. I just graduated last fall and experienced the traditional just graduated feeling. It was a wonderful feeling to walk across stage and feel the praises. But reality soon kicked in for me when I returned to life. Every place I applied to or interviewed with asked for experience or a higher education requirement. I also noticed that looking online for a job attracted almost a thousand individuals like me who were searching for jobs. I have to say it wasn’t easy to make the transaction from working almost sixty hours to being willingly unemployed. Add to the fact I only had so much saved up for rainy days.

With that dully noted, I was forced with three options to make. The first one was to move back and pick up wherever I could. The second option involved accepting the market for what it was and make my niche somewhere. Or taking a lower paying job while still looking for what I want to do. Some may say going back to what you know is the best bet. Understandable. Making my niche somewhere was another option. The only issue is that you need to know what you’re looking for in a new market and a new environment. Taking a lower paying job could be a viable option because you’re still brining in funds even if it’s not what you’re life intentions were. I invite you to ask what option is the best one. The answer, all three. All three show the art of perseverance. You have to understand that anything involving not giving up and searching for new methods is perseverance.

When it comes down to it you have two main options in life. You can choose to sit back and complain about how only you have it bad. Or you have the option to stand up and find a new lane in life, even if it’s not what you planned for. Understand life doesn’t always work to how you planned it but rather by the decisions you make. So I invite you to find a new lane in life or simply make a way out of nothing. Its sounds easier said than done. But ask yourself this, what comes to a sleeper? Nothing but a dream. Thanks for reading this weeks blog and check me out next week when I tackle a subject that I’m very excited to write on.

Setting Goals and Losing Negativity in 2012

Posted by Ryan Johnson on February 19, 2012 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Welcome back to another year folks. It’s been a while since my blogs have been posted on line. You wanted more and I definitely have an all star line up of new topics that I want to discuss this year. The first topic that I want to touch on is embracing the new in your life. I want to talk about this issue because of recent events in my life. Last December I had the privilege to complete an expedition. I completed my Bachelors degree from the University of Houston. Therefore I felt it would complement the new year opening up and starting 2012 off right.

When we speak about embracing change what I’m referring to is learning to set goals for your self this year and getting rid of last year’s mentality and struggles. Far as setting goals for yourself look at what it is that you truly want for yourself this year. I believe we should set goals that are actually attainable instead of out of the ordinary. I know what you’re thinking, Ryan I want to loose weight this year. And that’s okay but how about setting a goal to loose two pounds a week. This is a more realistic goal. Or how about wanting to start school this year. When this subject comes up many of us makes those typical excuses and start sounding like day college commercials. Ever thought about starting at your own pace or simply opening a savings bank account for college? A goal that many of us secretly hold dear to our hearts and are often ashamed to admit; making this year the year that you find someone. And there is no shame in hoping for this it’s a normal human emotion. What many fail to realize is that relationships in their own right take time. So a good goal instead is to spend time everyday working and upgrading yourself to attract that individual that is on your level. Again, goals are not boring or restrictive tasks but a good tool to turn your life around this 2012.

Now if we’re discussing goals then we need to spend time on distancing ourselves from last year. Its common knowledge that as humans we like to hang on to what we believe makes us. Old events whether good or bad do make you. These events made you or broke you in half. But it is also good to let go of events to make room for new ones. For example, a relationship ended horribly last year for you and your friends and family know all the details. You would typically dwell on this and bring this energy in to next year. All that negativity that could be used for greater purposes. Instead you would accept what part you played in the relationship and learn to accept the results. With this new found lesson you would take it and bring that knowledge to your next relationship. Or let’s change the situation to one we all know about, losing a job. A job loss brings mental and physical anguish to a person. Understandable. Would you believe that many who lost their job last year found out what they really wanted in life and started on that quest? What I am implying is that you should focus on how to build something for yourself with your name on it. I’m not speaking of running a fortune 500 but trying to attain stocks, real estate, or even a small business. You would be surprised of how much you can achieve if you would simply open your mind and get rid of the negativity in your life. And yes, people can act as negative waves in your mental ocean.

Thanks again for reading the new string of blogs for 2012. Please don’t forget to check out www.theurbanauthorryanjohnson.webs.com . The site has my radio interview with CBS Radio and more information about me and where I’ll be this year as far as an author. Stay tuned to the blogs and check out the prizes I’ll be giving out for those are avidly reading the blogs.


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