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Meet Carlet Horne, Grand Prize Winner of UBAWA'S First Poetry Contest



Carlet Horne is an aspiring author of Christian Poetry who writes under divine inspiration. She is currently working on her first book which will include a collection of Christian poetry that reflects and speaks to different events in her life. Anthologies she’s participated in include The Poetic Lounge Volumes 2 & 3 and Voices behind the Tears.

In August 2012, she was announced the grand prize winner of UBAWA’s First Annual Poetry Contest. You can read her winning poem below:

Like a Phoenix

Like a Phoenix...
I rise
In spite of what was planned
As my demise

In spite of my circumstances
No matter the delays
I will rise from these ashes
Come what may

You may plot and you may plan
But what you forgot was….
That my life and destiny
Are ultimately in God’s hands

You see….
From the foundation of the earth
Even before my very own birth
He knew the plans he had for me

He even knew
That this day would come
That I would have my very own Judas
Who would betray me

So, even though today, I may feel a little weak
As death, hell, and confusion surround
No evil will I fear
For You, My Comforter, are always around

So, instead, I choose to rejoice
Knowing that the table is being spread
And an invitation to my enemies
Has been pinned and mailed

No expense shall be spared
And their eyes will be a glare
As we together shall feast and dine
And, in my victory moment, I will shine

And, Like a Phoenix…..I Rise!

“God has used my writing not only as a source of strength, but also as a source of healing and recovery from hurts, wounds, and issues of my past.” --C. Horne


Meet Tamyara Brown, Winner of UBAWA's 1st Poetry Contest




Tamyara admits her journey has not always been easy raising a family of six. Although she has faced many obstacles she stands today as a survivor of breast cancer, domestic violence, and homelessness. She cares for her son who suffers from a rare kidney disease called Focal Segmental Glomersclersois and Nephrotic Syndrome, yet this has not stopped her from having tunnel vision and looking for the bright light ahead. She took her pen and began her writing career penning a collection of poetry, short stories, and two novels. Some of her writings can be found in Voices Behind the Tears, on her blog Tam Luvs to Write, and a Blog of the Month feature for January 2012 in Writer's POV Magazine. Other anthologies Tamyara has participated in include the American Cancer Society Anthology “Live Life: The Daydreamer's Journal” and Homeless Cry.


Just recently she became a writer for Dream Pathways Magazine, a digital magazine whose mission is to raise awareness on mental health issues and socio-cultural factors affecting the African-American community.

 Pink Kiss Publishing. Just recently Tamyara won 2nd Pltest.



Her debut novel, Blue's Treasure (now released) and Fat Girl Vigilante will be released 2013 with Pink Kiss Publishing. Just recently Tamyara won 2nd Place in UBAWA’s First Annual Poetry Contest.


Read a Synopsis of Blue’s Treasure:

What would you do if the woman you have loved since you were fifteen years old disappears out of your life while you are doing a bid with no letters or visits—nothing? After being locked up for ten years, Harper Blue is finally free and ready to rebuild his life, only to find out that one who vowed to love him for life is married to the officer who arrested him. Treasure has always lived her life to please her parents. She's the perfect daughter and would never do anything to displease them. But her marriage to the man that saved her life is not all it's cracked up to be. Does true love "really" conquer all or should the past remain just a distant memory?


Meet Ornitha Danielle, author of "A Heart of Reign"


 About "A Heart of Reign

Ornitha Danielle invites you on a wild and fierce excursion through lies, betrayal, deception, and infidelity with some

misguided trust, past and deep childhood hurt and broken relationships all wrapped up in some very steamy volcanic explosions.


London Santiago is not your stereotypical woman; she comes from a Christian family home with devoted parents of the faith. She has the best of everything in her world - a great education, money, and all the finer things that her career has offered her. While in college she landed an internship at Golden Money Entertainment, one of the largest Entertainment companies in New York City. She was offered the job of Executive Director of Marketing & Promotions straight out of college.




Ornitha Danielle was born and raised in Memphis, TN. She's the eldest of four children and the proud mother of three children. She's married to her soul-mate Rodney (Lee) Taylor, a professional freelance photo journalist. She resides in Somerville, TN.


At a very young age, Ornitha was very artistic and a gifted child in the arts. From writing short stories and poetry, Ornitha has even tried her hand at acting, dancing, and singing as a child. As an adult, Ornitha has appeared in several stage productions. Ornitha Danielle has many gifts and talents, with writing being one of her greatest passions. She’s now pursing her dreams and becoming a novelist.


Her former career as a professional hairstylist/makeup artist has allowed her to be edgy, creative, chic and unique – all at the same time. Ornitha Danielle is currently working on her degree in Speech and Theater with a concentration in Creative Writing. Now exploring the many possibilities life has to offer, Ornitha says, “the sky is the limit.” Ornitha Danielle is a freelance journalist for many publications and is in the process of writing and publishing more fictional novels , poetry, and a memoir.





Now, with her killer looks, dynamite body, and brains to boot, London quickly catches the attention of Mr. Paul Winters, the owner of the company and not so eligible bachelor. When the Mrs. Winters finds out about it, only one can imagine what will happen next; she is adamant on bringing this to a complete halt! Mrs. Winters has a few things that must remain hidden under lock and key! Oh, what a tangled web they all weave when each of them conspire to deceive. What is done in the dark will eventually come to the light. My, my, my! The wages of sin is DEATH!


Meet Terri D, Author of Yesterday's Lies & Today's Truth




Terri D is a long-term transplant resident of Harrisburg, PA.  She is a single mother of three who has written poetry and short stories all of her life.  Her children have always been her inspiration to push her to the next level.  She writes as a way to express herself and to document her inner most feelings.  Terri D published her debut novel titled Yesterday’s Lies in 2011 and her second novel Today’s Truth is being released in the Spring of 2012. 

For more information about Terri D please visit her website at www.AuthorTerriD.com or visit her Fan page on Face Book   http://www.facebook.com/AuthorTerriD.



2012 Summer Reading List

These books have just been added to our 2012 Summer Reading List.

Add your book(s) to UBAWA's Summer Reading List by emailing ubawa2011@gmail.com the following:

1. Your Name
2. Title of Your Book(s)
3. Book Cover(s)
4. Genre
5. Website
6. SUBJECT HEADING: Summer Reading List

















Visit Shaheta's website by

clicking here.

What are some things that you would like to see more of within the literary community?

“I would like to see books that have a redemptive quality to them in some way, shape or form.  We should rise above resorting to T&A covers to sell a book.  And there is certainly more to black life than being true to the street game, drugs and sex.  We need to focus more on where we are going in a positive way as a people instead of focusing on where we are right now.” –JL Whitehead


"Economic Unity" - KL Belvin


"Black Folks Reading!!" - Antoinette Smith


"Recognition of more black authors!" -Regina Southall


"I want to see a list of all the African-American Bookstores for each metropolitan city. When there is something going on in African-American Book Stores, notifications so we can send them unity or attend to show economic support. Can we support our veterans and female soldiers coming back with their tales of sexual assault or casualties? Furthermore,  how can we pave the way better for our illiterate brothers and sisters?"

-Marilyn Diamond


"There are so many authors who want to shine, but not willing to support or help other authors. There is a lack of support; only about "me" mentality is what I see. If you make a name for yourself, harder for newer authors to get book sales or exposure. Yet, others are on the grind and love to brag about their literary accomplishments." -Adrienna Turner



What would you like to see more of in the literary community? What's lacking? Share your opinion with us by sending us a 3-5 line statement in response to the above question. We'd love to hear from you! ubawa2011@gmail.com

Meet GPA, author of "The Mind of a Poetic Unsub"


The Mind of a Poetic Unsub is an in your face, cocky, and romantic book of poetry. It contains subjects for everyone. It is composed of hard hitting and humorous tales, various poetic styles for poetry purists, and love poems for the hopeless romantic. Plus, there is an added surprise at the end.

 G.P.A. is the best selling, critically acclaimed author of three books. He is the 2011 Black Essence Award winner for Poetry and Charity, as well as an AAMBC (African Americans on the Move Book Club) nominee for Poet of the Year. G.P.A., from the south side of Chicago is currently sharing his poetry in cities throughout the United States promoting The Mind of a Poetic Unsub. For information on GPA's upcoming events, please visit his website. 


Visit his website


Purchase his book

Meet N'Tyse, author of "Twisted Seduction"

 N’Tyse is a Dallas, Texas native and best-selling author of, Twisted Seduction. While N’Tyse, pronounced entice, spells out exotic seduction, the true significance behind her name takes on an entire new meaning. Never Tell Your Secrets is the hidden message N'Tyse envelops within her stimulating taboo tales.

The author's writing career began at a very young age where she found poetry, music, and story-telling as an outlet of escape. Now 30, the writer's obsession with the pen is better described as the “intimate release” for her imagination. In 2007, she ambitiously penned and self published her freshmen novel, My Secrets Your Lies. Upon the release of her first book, she discovered that her hobby-writing was no longer just a niche to satisfy that writing crave, but a true talent where her underlying passion awaited. In late October 2010, N’Tyse acquired a literary agent and soon after landed her first major publishing deal with Strebor/Simon & Schuster.

N'Tyse currently juggles her writing career as a mom, wife, and full time personal banker, while also pursuing her bachelor’s degree in creative film writing and business entertainment. Her latest works include her sophomore novel Stud Princess Notorious Vendettas and Twisted Seduction. Her features include PP2 Missionary No More, Bedtime Stories, Between The Sheets, Erotic Snapshots, Gutta Mamis, and Chocolate Flava 3.

Visit her website

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Bad Marketing

Good Marketing

Sending out random friend requests on facebook

Connecting with people who share similar interests, goals, and likes

Excessive posting about your book(s)/products in groups, on friend pages, and in your news feed

Making timely posts about your books/products while engaging reader’s interests

Making random and offensive posts to start up conversation

Creating posts/status updates that are relevant, informational, and useful and that engage reader’s interests

Posting personal information about your day job, what you ate for dinner, who you dated in high school, etc on your business page

Creating a separate business page apart from your personal page and keeping business business and personal personal

Showing any sense of aggravation, upset, anger, or disappointment just because someone hasn’t purchased your books or because your book sales are low

Keeping a positive attitude with respect to your book sales, thanking readers for their support, and encouraging potential readers to check out your books when they get the chance.



 Bonus excerpt from the e-book and e-course, “Using Social Media to Boost Your Book Sales”

 Social Media is on the rise like never before. Advances in modern technology and communication have made it possible for people from all over the world to connect with each other in just the sound of one click. The new wave in “social networking” has taken center stage in the World Wide Web making traditional face-to-face conversations and everyday business near obsolete.

It started with networking sites like Blackplanet, Myspace, & Friendster, later expanding to thousands of other networking sites that made connecting with people from all over the world as easy as having access to a working computer.


The utility of social networking sites is nestled in the three main applications of social media described in the 2nd part of this course.


Businesses, along with non-profit organizations, charities, clubs and ventures have all jumped on the bandwagon to become a part of the new wave of social interaction.


Among the top social media networking sites are Facebook, Blogspot, Myspace, & Twitter. Below you will find a table of the most popular social networking sites on the planet. Commit these to memory and explore what each site has to offer.




Date of Origination

Total # of Users/Members

Features & Offerings



February 2004

500 million

Free membership; groups; fan pages, video posting ability; tagging; posts



August 23, 1999

10 million

Blog publishing



August 2003

100 million

For entertainers, musicians, artists, and more



February 2005


Video blogging, video sharing



March 2006

200 million

Social-networking and micro-blogging



May 2003

100 million

Networking site for professionals



February 2004


Photo sharing



May 27, 2003


Blogging and publishing platform



March 2007

Over 2 million

Live video streaming


 The following table is a list of social media networking sites that specifically cater towards authors.




Date of Origination

Total # of Users/Members

Features & Offerings



October 2010


Free membership; author profiles; video blog; author promotion, publicity, distribution, publishing, etc.

Authors Info*




Social network for authors, publishers, editors, producers in the literary community





Author promotion





Member profiles; groups


*highly recommended

UBAWA’s UBAWA’s TOP 100 represents a list of UBAWA’s Best, all-around authors. Every single author has believed in him/herself and has demonstrated exceptional skill and performance in their writing and work. Above all these authors are being spotlighted for their excellence and diligence toward the love and respect for the literary industry. Some of our Top 100 includes a few of our very own Essence & NY Times Bestselling authors. Many of the names represent a few of our up and coming and future bestselling authors. While there are many, many great authors we admire, it is our honor and privilege to share these Top 100 bright and beautiful faces and names with you.

Michael McGrew, author of

“My Kinda Girl” & “Taking Losses”

Find him on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/miketheauthor

Teresa D. Patterson, author of

“Project Queen” & “Fetish”

Visit her website: http://www.teresadpatterson.net/

Danielle Taylor, author of

“Forbidden Romance”

Visit her website: http://www.iamdanidiva.com/

MiMi Renee, author of

“Deadline Decisions” & “Pretty Bright”

Visit her website: http://www.inkgamepub.com/

N.S. Ugezene, author of

“Pascal’s Life” & Pantageous

Find him on Facebook: http://facebook.com/nugezene

Dawn Jasper, author of

“Beautiful Disasters” & “Comfortable Lies”

Visit her website: http://www.dawnjasper.com/

Ryan Johnson, author of

“Never Again Would I”

Find him on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ryanjohson1987

Cotton Carpenter, author of

“Chocolate Rose” & “Bubbly with a Kick”

Visit her website: http://www.wix.com/cottoncarpenter/homepage

Snjezana Marinkovic, author of

“Born in Sarajevo”

Visit her website:


Eryk Hood, author of

“Heart of the Hood”

Visit his website:


E.M. Higgins, author of

“Remote Control” & “The Blue Files”

Visit her blog: http://emehigg1.blogspot.com/

Gloria J. Lathen, author of

“Your Purpose is Greater than Your Pain”

Visit her website: http://www.glorialathen.org/

Thomas Overton, author of

“Murder with a Deadly Weapon”

Visit his website:


Todd Smith, author of

“Lyfe Is”

Find him on Facebook:


Sheila Goss, author of

“The Lip Gloss Chronicles”

Visit her website:


Jacqueline Gum, author of

“Confessions of a Corporate Slut”

Visit her website:


KiKi Swinson, author of

“New York’s Finest” & the “Wife Series”

Visit her website:


Nikki Turner, author of

“A Hustler’s Wife” & “Riding Dirty on 95”

Visit her website:


Barbara Payne, author of

“Please Don’t Judge Me Because I’m Single”

Visit her website:


Corey Barnes, author of

“What is this Love Thing About?

Visit his website:


Corey Reynolds, author of

“Is it the Whore in Me or the Whore in You”

Visit his website:


Ladonna Smith, author of

“I Married Satan”

Visit her website:


Barbara Grovner, author of

“We Belong Together” & “Even Numbers”

Find her on Facebook:


Steve Harvey, author of

“Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”

Visit his website:


Carla Pennington, author of

“Available Wife I & II”

Visit her website:


Carl Mathis, author of

“Intercourse” & “Life is What You Make It”

Visit his website:


Anthony Pathfinder, author of

“Fair Game” & “Deadly Consequences”

Visit his website:


Lesley Hall, author of

“Blind Temptations”

Visit her website:


Claudia Moss, author of

“If You Love Me, Come”

Visit her website:


Nik Green, author of

“False Accusations:

Visit his website:


Sister Souljah, author of

“The Coldest Winter Ever” & “No Disrespect”

Visit her website:


Abby Johnson Phillips, author of

“Three Gifts of Christmas”

Visit her website:


K’wan, author of

“Eviction Notice” & “Gangland”

Visit his website:


Fabiola Sully, author of

“Finding the Way Home”

Purchase her book:


Crystal S Jacobs, author of

“Pearls & Diamonds” & “Risque”

Visit her website:


Lesa Jones, author of


Visit her website:


Dashawn Taylor, author of

“Messy Sheets” & “Kissed by the Devil”

Visit his website:


Michael Glenn Yates, author of

“My Partner’s Wife”

Find him on facebook:


Tiffani Minnis, author of


Visit her website:


Pat Sister Betty G’orge Walker, author of

“No Ordinary Noel” & “Don’t Blame the Devil”

Visit her website:


Adrian Collins, author of

“Check Mate” & “Three’s Company”

Visit his website: http://www.thebestpublishing.net/

Diana Neverson, author of


Visit her website: http://aandigreenway.wordpress.com/

Vanessa Richardson, author of

“Love Found Me”

Visit her website:


Erick Gray, author of

“Love and a Gangsta” & “One Lyfe to Live”

Visit his website:


George Hudson, author of


Visit his website:


J-Real, author of

“Draw I & II”

Visit his website:


Loretta R. Walls, author of


Visit her website:


Nyerere Jase, author of

“Gangsta Jake- The End Result of a Snitch”

Visit his website:


Megan Griswold, author of

 “Lost & Found”

Visit her website:


Kaylynn Hunt, author of

“Love with a Vengeance”

Visit her website:


Eva G. Headley, author of

“Tied to the Soul”

Visit her website:


Kie Rodriquez, author of

“The Beautiful Series”

Visit her website:


Shaneisha Dodson, author of

“Teen Girls Need Love”

Visit her website:


KL Belvin, author of

“From Gigolo to Jesus”

Visit his website:


Luna Charles, author of

“Men are Not the Problem

Visit her Website:


Amore, author of

“The Temptation of Love”

Visit her website:


Reginald Ward, author of

“Interpret My Interpretation”

Visit his website:


Toya Wright, author of

“Priceless Inspirations”

Visit her website:


Patricia Richardson, author of

“A Place for Ida”

Visit her website:


Sable Jordan, author of

“Different Shades of Gray”

Visit her website:


Jason McCannon, author of

“The Ancient Lands”

Visit his website:


Danielle Green, author of

“Shoulda Coulda Woulda” & “Hoodmatized”

Visit her website:


J’son M Lee, author of

“How Could My Husband Be Gay?” & “Just Tryin to Be Loved”

Visit his website:


Ondrea L Davis, author of

“How Could My Husband Be Gay?

Visit her website:


Najen Mack, author of

“Jojoba Essence”

Find her on facebook:


Quiniece Sheppard, author of

“Before the Lights Go Out”

Visit her website:


Adrienne Thompson, author of


Visit her website:


Lakesa Cox, author of

“Fetish for a Blue Skyy”

Visit her website:


Angela Stevenson Ringo, author of

“Poems for Your Soul”

Find her on facebook:


Dr. Cynthia Brown, author of

“Life! As it Happens… My Diary”

Visit her website:


Kenn Bivins, author of


Visit his website:


Marissa Monteilh, author of

“Hot Boyz” & “Hot Girlz”

Visit her website:


Kevin Reeves, author of


Visit his website:


Eric L Brantley, author of

“A Little Dab A Do Ya”

Find him on facebook:


Justin C Hart, author of

“Liquid Sunshine”

Visit his website:


Fiordaliza Charles, author of

“The Poetic Lounge Series”

Visit her website:


Chimia Hill Burton, author of

“Beautiful & Hero”

Find her on facebook:


Imani True, author of

“Strawberries, Stilletos, & Steam”

Visit her website:


Nicole “Jahzara” Bradley, author of

“Contradictions” & “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”

Visit her website:


Eugene Nelson Jr., author of

“Covert Operations:

Visit his website:


Dawson Walton, author of

“Dreams – One Man’s Journey”

Visit his website:


Hill Harper, author of

“The Wealth Cure”

Visit his website:


Karen Hunter, author of

“Stop Being Niggardly”

Visit her website:


Nikki Jenkins, author of

“The Day Crazy Came to Dinner”

Find her on facebook:


Aija M. Butler, author of

“The Nemesis Book Series”

Visit her blogsite:


Steve Wright, author of

“Bloodline of a Mafia”

Find him on facebook:


Taquila Thompson, author of

“Visiting Daddy”

Visit her website:


Anica Walston, author of

“Yes, I am Woman”

Visit her website:


Tivona Elliot, author of

“Livin the Fast Life”

Visit her blog


Dan Anderson, author of

“Killing Me Softly with Your Love”

Visit his website:


DJ Davis, author of

“Da Poems”

Visit his website:


Najee Jamerson, author of


Visit her website:


Marques Lewis, author of

“The Road to Perfect Guy”

Visit his website:


Hashim Conner, author of

“The Congregation” & “The Escort”

Find him on facebook:


Latanya Jackson, author of

“Walk Wit Me”

Find her on facebook:


Nicole Haymes, author of


Find her on facebook:


Latisha Patterson, author of

“Airing Out Dirty Laundry”

Visit her website:


Envy Red, author of


Visit her website:


Jean Elliot, author of

“Intimate Moments”

Visit her website:


Cha’Bella Don, author of

“Dirtiest Revenge”

Find her on facebook:










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11. *How long did it take you to complete your book?

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13. *What is your biggest inspiration for writing?

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16. *How can readers, publishers, and others in the literary community reach you?



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